Business Management

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3-5 years


Saline MI 48176 - United States



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Business Coach, Confidence Coach, Consultant, Personal Development Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

If you want to ignite your professional passion, forge a new path, or build your business you’ve got to be FIRED UP!!

About Bridget Baisch

Hi!  I’m Bridget Baisch and I am a Professional Development and Leadership Coach. What in the heck does that mean? I help professionals in the middle of their career navigate transitions and entrepreneurs tackle their people issues head on!

Here’s how my coaching journey began!

Many things in my life were done out of a sense of obligation or pressure to do “the right thing”. But what was the right thing? I never gave that much thought and consequently I had a good life but not the great life I deserved.

A few years ago I began taking better care of my body and meditating. It also happens to be around the time that both my parents died, my goal of getting pregnant (notice I said ‘goal’) was gone, and my day job got very challenging due to a company reorganization. So, knowing that I have choices about how I react to change, and that those reactions directly relate to my happiness and success, I went to work to figure out what “the right thing” was for my life.

First, I dealt with all the changes themselves. I took time to work through the discomfort without beating myself up or having unrealistic expectations of others; no need to make things worse with judgement. After the “dealing and healing” I had so much energy to recognize opportunities!

Instead of being angry at my Mom’s cancer diagnosis, I was able to be present with her through the grief and life celebration. We had some of the best conversations ever!

I also received a promotion to a leadership position at work by changing my perspective and deciding not to take feedback personally. Then I was able to clearly see my role in our company’s strategy and execute.

Next came the soul searching. How fulfilling are my life and career? Turns out everything I thought I valued did not fill my soul. With clarity about my values and the inner strength to honor them, I'm now leaping into coaching to help others figure out what fills their souls.

Want more details? Here you go...

• Certified Professional Coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

• Professional Certificate in HR Management and Workforce Development from Michigan State University

• BS in Psychology from Michigan State University

• 18 year career in medium and large corporations doing Customer Support, Human Resources, HR Information Systems, Technical Software Support, Process & Procedure Development, and Knowledge Management.

• 13 years of volunteering that include working in a soup kitchen, advising collegiate women on managing life and supporting philanthropic initiatives, supporting booths and events within my community and through the Chamber of Commerce.

• Love to practice yoga, garden, listen to music, snuggle with my pets, and travel with my husband!