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6 Things You Do On Facebook That Turn Him Off

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If a guy doesn't check you out on Facebook before your first date, he definitely will afterwards. While your profile and posting habits aren't a be-all end-all, they can push a man who's teetering toward calling it quits. After polling several men, we found six common Facebook faux pas that will cause a dude to re-evaluate the relationship and redirect his affection elsewhere.

  1. You bash your ex. Relegate all man-hating to girls-only nights. Comments about ex-boyfriends and bad dates make you look petty, immature and hung up the past. Plus, guys simply hate whiners.
  2. You overdo the duck lips. If your profile is filled with pics of you imitating the facial expression of a blow-up doll (you know, lips puckered), he'll conclude that you try too hard to be sexy and may be a bit of an attention whore ... or just a regular whore. While you may pucker up because it's funny, this humor doesn't translate well over social media.
  3. You constantly update your status. If 20 minutes can't go by without updating your status, he's going to assume you're either obsessive-compulsive or have no life. When posts report your every move or reveal info that's best kept hush-hush, you come off as a self-important attention seeker with no sense of privacy. Terrified that some day you'll splash his secrets all over your wall, he'll likely delete your digits from his phone.
  4. You "like" everything. A man loves to see that you have interests, but if you "like" an overwhelming number of people, bands, websites, or breakfast cereals, he may conclude that you desperately seek approval and jump on bandwagons regardless of where they're going. 2 Types Of Men That Aren't Worth Even A Second Of Your Time
  5. You have thousands of friends. If you're friends with everyone and their mom — literally — he'll conclude that you measure your own cool factor by Facebook, which pretty much means you don't even register on the cool factor scale. He may also deduce that you spend all your time following the lives of people you barely know because you have no life of your own.
  6. You play Mafia Wars or Farmville. Fantasy can be fun, but if you're tangled in a web of online communal commitments, you've moved from entertainment to obsession. Since most gaming nerds are a tad awkward, he may assume that you have trouble in face-to-face social situations.