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About Barbara Rush

As a self-empowerment and mindset coach I help you build a "Can Do" mindset.  You create an inner power zone of confidence and self-assurance so you can do, be, become or achieve anything you want!  They only thing that holds you back is old patterns of thinking that make you doubt yourself in some way.   Mindset is everything.  When you believe you can...you can!  When you believe something is possible...you make it happen!  When you feel good about who you are...you attract love and amazing people to you!

My programs on line are born from years of working with clients one on one.   Fear and doubt are the only two things that stand between you and what you want. You can purge that fear and doubt from your subconscious by relaxing and going within.  It's really a calming process which enables you to make major shifts in short times frames.

If you want to take control and set yourself free to be and accomplish what you want in life...visit me at www.yourinnerzone.com.

The most important relationship you have...is the one with yourself...if affects everything you do

Thanks for taking the time to discover a bit about me and my process...I'd be honored to help you discover more about you!

I became a certified NLP practioner and hypnotherapist in 2007 and also do motivational speaking.  Prior to that I enjoyed a successful sales career.  I love to see people empower themselves!



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