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About Anne Stirling Hastings

I am a clinical psychologist licensed in California, and I have specialized in sexual healing for 25 years. I help with the healing of the Avoidant Attachment cause of separation, isolation and loneliness. 

I found a newer meditation in which you choose how you want to be, and make it happen. My meditation therapy groups are evem more useful than regular group therapy. I am committed to this kind of practice to help address any issue. It is the scientifically created work of Dr. Joe Dispenza whose talks and meditations can be found on YouTube and Amazon. Great meditation isn't about clearing your mind and not thinking. This kind is about focusing on what you want to change and how you want to be. Very powerful! It's the best approach to avoidant attachment I have found. My therapy groups are in my office and on video conferencing. Call if you want to learn more. And go to my website for blog posts. 

Sex is the least talked about component of being human and it leaves people confused. It's hard to ask friends for help, or even to ask questions. You may feel alone and isolated when you really need to talk and be understood. There are so many sexual quirks you may have yourself, or your partner seems to have, that you don’t understand. You may feel badly about yourself, your body, or your performance and not be able to discuss it. You may have seen a therapist who couldn’t talk about it either. Most cannot. My clients feel great relief when they are finally able to say it all, and be heard. They get to talk with someone who won’t be shocked or feel embarrassed – who can feel compassion.

Sexual healing is truly possible. My novels are about people with sexual issues, and you can walk with them as they come to understand what to do about it. The stories inform you about common issues in a straightforward way. You can read about actual sexual activity in every chapter. This isn’t designed to arouse you, although it might. You are also taken into a therapist’s office, and you get to be the fly on the wall in the characters’ bedrooms.

I healed my own sexuality long ago, which led me to specialize in helping others truly heal this aspect of being human. Then I wrote about it in ways that I hadn’t read – and still read little of. If you want a self-help book on sexual healing, please read mine. Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised. It has been helpful for people who just didn’t understand what was going wrong. Men thought they needed more sex when really they needed love, and women thought they had to say “yes” when they wanted to say “no.” Or they said “no” and then feared the consequences. My book addresses solutions to this and lots of other issues. It’s possible to have much more intimacy even without more sex. And sometimes more sex appears too!

As I saw how sexual shame interfered with a couple developing the best sex life, and the best marriage, I wrote Healing Humanity: Life Without Shame. It addresses all kinds of shame. Our feelings of badness and negativity and inadequacy are about far more than sexuality. Our very culture includes shaming each other as normal, which I describe in detail. Then I lay out how to heal from it. First is seeing it going on all around us, integrated into sexuality, and being directed at everyone. Once we can see, we have a chance to stop taking it in. Then, the best reward of all, we get to experience more love.

I hope you are enjoying my TRANSFORMATIONAL FICTION, the stories about characters' sex lives, and how they heal. Everything in these chapters actually happened with my psychotherapy clients, and I wove it into stories to make it more real and meaningful than a self-help book. I would love to hear from you if you are helped by what you read. Even if you are just entertained! Come to http://www.AnneStirlingHastings.com for lots of free podcasts and articles. Kindle carries Dirty Sex or Clean Sex for only $2.99, or lends it out for free. It's companion, Bring Love and Sex Together, The Value of Healing Sexual Shame, and Sex From the Man’s Point of View are on Kindle, too. 

Then if you want more help, call me!  

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