How To Use A Yoni Egg During Your Period

Allow this magical time of your cycle to be a time of rest and relaxation.

How To Use A Yoni Egg During Your Period weheartit

If you are new to the Yoni egg practice, you might be wondering how to use a yoni egg during your period. What I found out long ago is that my body answered this question for me.

That is the beautiful thing about using a yoni egg, it helps you get connected to the wisdom of your body. This is one of the amazing benefits of using a yoni egg.

When I first started using my egg, I was a cycling woman. I loved my period. It was a sacred process in my body that I honored. When I stopped cycling, I experienced a sense of grief, having to let go of this magical cleansing process that my body went through each month.


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The answer to my question about using a yoni egg during my period was very clearly answered to me a few days or a week before my period. My body simply didn’t want to have my yoni egg inside me during that time.

So the answer is… don’t. I mean you can do whatever you want. If, for some reason, you feel compelled to wear or practice with your egg during your period then do so. Especially, though, if your body is telling you so. Which, I imagine it is not.



During this time, listen to your body. What is it telling you? What is it showing you? How is it reacting to your yoni egg?

What I found was that every time, shortly before my period, my body simply didn’t want my egg inside me. It was super magical. My body lets me know and would not hold the egg in. I simply listened to and honored my body's message.

I suggest you do the same. If your body releases the egg, then don’t "shove" it back in. And that goes for any time during your cycle.

When you are on your period, there is a downward motion, a release that is happening. Your body wants to let go and slough off the uterine lining that has built up in its last cycle.


Watch this video from TheTalko which discusses what happens to your body during your period.

Allow this process to happen and enhance it by tuning into the release and letting go process.

Take time for yourself. Slow down. Allow this magical time of your cycle to be a time of rest and relaxation. Give yourself and your body permission to just be.


This will also help you tap into the powerful wisdom your female body and menstrual cycle hold.

Your body is wiser than you can ever imagine. Your yoni egg is a tool to get you more connected to that wisdom.

What about you? What are your experiences with the yoni egg before your period? What story do you have to share about tapping into the wisdom of your body?

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