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Counselor/Therapist, Divorce Mediator, Divorce Recovery Coach, Mediator, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter

About Ann Cerney

I am a licensed therapist (LCPC), divorce coach, mediator, and parenting coordinator.

►As a divorce coach, my goal is to facilitate a powerful conversation with people who are interested in not only recovering, but rebuilding a better life after divorce. This is deep work for those who are not afraid to look at what has been missing in their lives, and commit to - first envisioning a new life - and finally creating that life. We work together toward this end. It takes time, energy, and commitment on your part. If you are ready to create the life that you truly want, we will work together to make it happen. I will help you create the vision and execute it, making the steps and creating the mindset that will ultimately result in seeing your highest dream become your reality.

►As a mediator and parenting coordinator, I work with both parents to understand the needs of the children, and maintain the best parts of the family culture you've created. We will talk about and develop parenting plans and strategies that address the needs of your children, and both parents' lives. Divorce does not mean that the family is no longer alive, but that the family changes structure. Two homes, one family. When we start from here, your children are not placed in a position of choosing.

►As a member of IACP and a collaborative practice divorce coach, I work with you as part of an interdisciplinary team, with attorneys, a financial neutral, and a dedicated specialist for the children. This role involves supporting you, with the help of the collaborative team, make your own sustainable decisions.

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