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10 years +


Woodford Green LND IG8 9PW - United Kingdom



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Confidence Coach, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

I am an optimist. My experience over many years as a therapist has taught me that you can recover from mental and emotional problems and stay well and do much better than to rely on conventional medical approaches. I will get you feeling better quickly and hopefully in the first few days. And then we will work together to get your life working so you stay well.

About Andrew M. Richardson

I am not your typical counsellor. First off, I am now in my late sixties and am pretty well housebound with an atypical type of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This affects my mobility but nothing much else as otherwise I am pretty healthy (touch wood).

I first became aware of my MS in around 2000 which required me to revaluate and reset my life and career. So I trained in the Human Givens (which was very new back then, even in the UK) before beginning my counselling practice in 2005.

The Human Givens has a powerful organising idea - that healthy individuals have well functioning mental and emotional resources that they use to get their essential emotional needs met. These needs comprise being safe and in control, having satisfying work and relationships with status and meaning. Our resources include how we use our emotions and how well we have dealt with and processed past traumas and problematic life experiences.

My quest is to assist those who seek his help to live their lives with freedom and self control; bringing more harmony.  A testament to my ability, wisdom, strength and true experience is that my MS has not stopped my mission and whilst my general practice of therapy is now based from home, technology such as Skype and my digital audio suites have enabled many more to benefit from my skills.

My own particular life experiences are a powerful source of inspiration and authority for my clients and together with the profound teachings and methods of Human Givens explains my track record of success.

Human Givens is uniquely suited to sorting out your problems – quickly and effectively

  • Human Givens is based on the latest scientific and psychological understandings
  • HG uses a wide range of tools, including hypnotherapy
  • HG has demonstrated that long-term therapy is rarely necessary nor desirable.
  • Human Givens dates from the late 1990s, is well known in the UK but virtually unknown in the United States or Europe.

At the core of Human Givens is a very simple, easy to understand yet profound Organising Idea of what it is to be human. To this has been added some original science (including a new theory of why we dream) and a brilliantly expressed and delivered synthesis of the best of modern psychology, neuroscience and counselling.

Human Givens is based on the most up-to-date evidence-based approach to counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and personal coaching.  It stands on the shoulders of giants, including Arthur Deikman, Milton Erickson, Aaron Beck, Bill O’Hanlon and notably the Sufi wisdom tradition.

The 2011 The British Psychological Society’s leading peer-reviewed journal, published a 12-month evaluation of the Human Givens approach in primary care at a general medical practice. The result showed that more than three out of four patients were either symptom-free or reliably changed as a result of HG therapy - significantly better than the recovery rate achieved by the UK government.

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