If These Walls Could Talk

How your home decorating style may be a peek into your psyche.


Ever walk into someone's house and think about how their decorating styles are depictions of their personality style? Usually if someone is high drama, their home is going to reflect it. I'm sure if you thought of the homes of your high drama friends compared to the your calm, even-keeled friends you'll know exactly what I mean.

Too much clutter and hoarding can be indicative of someone who is unorganized or depressed while excessive cleaning and organization can be a sign of anxiety and control issues. Someone who has little to no personal photos or trinkets around their house could be showing that they have a lack of personal or meaningful relationships or an inability to connect with the deeper, more meaningful parts of their lives.


Studies have shown that people who have a relatively clean home with just a little bit of "clutter" are the happiest. Relaxation at home is manifested by a good, "homey" feel. It can be hard to feel relaxed and at home if you're constantly stressed out over germs on the counter, items out of place, or too much junk hanging around leaving a sense of constant work to be done.

Sometimes we may not like where we're living and refusing to unpack our pictures or put trinkets out makes us feel like we're digging in our heels over really making the house a home. Packing and unpacking isn't fun but boy it sure feels good to have our happy things on display. Sometimes it's a sign that we may need to get over our hang-ups and really allow ourselves to engage in relationships with those around us.


What You Can Do

  • Keep your counters and open areas free of clutter so you don't feel closed in by junk.
  • Organize and clean but don't over do it to the point where you can't relax because you're too afraid of messing up the clean house.

And if you haven't already, unpack those pictures and put them up on the wall. Hang up curtains on bare windows, even if you have those bland white apartment mini blinds. You'd be surprised how just a few touches of friendly faces and color can make a world of difference in where you relax. Those who are more relaxed at home have more productive days at work and are happier people overall.

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