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Do It Like A Lady: How To Look Sexy In Just A Few Minutes!

If you're like me, sometimes you change your outfit five or six times before you finally figure out what to wear for a night out. Sometimes all you want to be able to do is slap something on and look really hot without spending hours getting ready. Guess what? It's possible!

I'm a girlie girl. I rarely do the "just throw something on" sort of thing because I feel too plain or unattractive. Some girls look amazing with no makeup on and their hair up in a cute bun. Not me. I have to do my hair, I have to do my eye makeup. I have learned the art of looking hot without having to spend hours on it.

Here's what to do:


Whether you have short or long hair, YouTube has tons of tutorials on cute, 5-minute hairstyles that range from cool and casual to quickie, romantic updo's. Bottom line is they're there. Explore and familiarize yourself with them and soon enough you'll find the one go-to hairdo that's quick and girlie that suits you. Get some cute clips to dress up any style and make them your thing.


If you're like me, your eyes bring everything together. I don't have gorgeous blue eyes that look perfect all the time. I have deep brown eyes and lashes that won't stand up for anything. I have become a huge fan of eyelash extensions. Sounds a little far fetched at first but once I started, I became hooked.

The extensions opened up my eyes and made them look so beautiful without any eyeliner, shadow or mascara. I also find I can get away with wearing less makeup when I get them done. And they stayed on for 3 weeks! The cluster lashes are cheaper than the individuals, but they tend to pull out some of your own lashes when they come out.

The individuals are much healthier for your natural lashes but are much more expensive. Either way, they're totally worth it. When I get my lashes done, all I have to do is throw on some under eye concealer and blush, and I am ready! I feel glamorous and they look amazing!!


For the girlie girl in you, find a top that has a flattering, sexy cut (not sluttly), and can be dressed either up or down. That way you can wear it with either jeans, slacks or a skirt, and throw a nice necklace on (one of those nice big ones that are really popular now), or a colorful sweater. I usually go with black because it always looks good and I can easily find other things to wear with it, casual or dressy.

Sometimes wearing a top in your most flattering color is also the trick. It's important to make sure your top is sexy not slutty. Have some class and good taste. As Marilyn Monroe once said, your outfit should be "tight enough to tell you're a woman but loose enough to tell you're a lady."

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