A Nutritionist's Surprising Secret To Staying Happy And Healthy

How you can get the best stuff on Earth into your system, starting NOW.


I have been a nutritionist for as long as I can remember. Even without my degree, I have been coaching friends and family about eating healthy and how only they, themselves can change their self-esteem about their physique.

I have friends who have had surgeries. Breasts, nose, chin, cheeks, tummy tucks, you name it. We live in a world where the media has distorted the meaning of beauty due to its encouragement of working from the outside in instead of the other way around.


What IS beauty anyway? Is it getting as many surgeries possible to obtain a figure that only Photoshop is able to create? Should we be concerned by how we are constantly trying to look like Barbie dolls even though Mattel has been trying to change the wrong concept by building more realistically shaped barbies? Is it too late to look ourselves in the mirror, smile and say "I love you just the way you are?"

Yes, I'm the type of girl that thinks the word love is underrated and overrated at the same time. Some people throw it around like restaurants throw away good food instead of donating it, and others are terrified to say it because "it's too soon." Whatever. We are mortified of saying the word "love" because if we are not capable of telling that to ourselves, how could we possibly tell that to someone else? This is where the true problem lies.


I'd like to address this issue with three types of nutrition:

  1. Nutritional Thoughts: What you feed your mind will have an impact in your thoughts. Determine what you want your brain feed to look like: encouraging or discouraging thoughts?
  2. Nutritional Actions: Your thoughts affect how you act in any given event. Usually, you want to aim for your actions to benefit your life.
  3. Nutritional Ingestion: As a result, your thoughts and actions affect what you reach out for and put into your body.

According to my personal experience, including different types of behaviors witnessed throughout the years, these three factors influence the quality of a person's life. 

Does this make sense?

If you have certain thoughts, these thoughts will make you want to act or feel a certain way, making you hungry for a certain type of food or beverage. This said, there is nothing wrong with reaching out for a cupcake. Sometimes we just need a little bit of frosting. Reach out and eat it with intention and mindfulness. Be aware of why you want this cupcake and what it represents for you to put this in your body. Make sure whatever the answer is, love is a factor.


If you love yourself you have the capacity to love anything or anyone else. Cultivate self-love and then all will come. Your surroundings will change because you will change. This is the best type of nutrition there is. The nutrition of love.