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Playful passion, engrossing eroticism, intense intimacy, satisfying sensuality, genuine gender, and healthy, happy sexual wholeness - you probably want it all! As a board certified clinical sexologist, hypnotherapist, and marriage educator, I'll support your unique quest for sexual and relationship fulfillment with warmth, understanding, broad life experience, and every clinical skill and educational resource at my command. Nonjudgmental, sex-positive, gender and sexual diversity welcome. 

About Amy Marsh

I have been, and still am, a writer, artist, activist, small business enterepeneur, mother of two sons, and much more. My current career as a clinical sexologist and hypnotherapist is the mid-life culmination of a number of complex life patterns, including work as a teenage pregnancy counselor in a free clinic and advocacy for people with environmental illness. 

In 2006, I completed Clinical Sexology and Somatic Sexology certificates at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco. By October 2008, I was awarded the Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) degree at IASHS. I was then certified by the American College of Sexologists. I am presently completing the supervision process for AASECT sex counselor certification.

By the end of 2008, I also completed a certification program in Hypnotherapy, as I sensed its great potential for addressing sexual concerns arising from shame, lack of desire, and trauma. I also find my PREP marriage education training is a constant source of help and inspiration. To further improve my helping skills, I am taking paraprofessional social work and case management courses. I volunteer as a crisis line counselor. 

I am happy to say I have just been accepted as a PhD candidate, again at IASHS. My dissertation will focus on the use of hypnosis in clinical sexology. 

I'm an avid writer too. Last year I wrote weekly for Carnal Nation. My column was called "Love's Outer Limits". I currently produce and host a BlogTalk Radio program of the same name.

My original research into Objectum Sexuality (OS) has been published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality. This research has lead to appearances on Good Morning America, the Tyra Show, and soon on an episode of National Geographic Taboo. 

I have spoken and lectured on topics as varied as Asperger's Syndrome and sexuality; parenting kinky teens; sex and sensory dysfunction; transgender women of Hawai'i; Native Hawaiian sexual traditions, and so on. I have created and taught 6-hour "mini-SARs" (sexual attitude restructuring programs) for the American Counseling Association. 

Aside from the professional organizations listed in Quick Stats (upper right), I also belong to the American College of Sexologists, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the California Coalition on Sex Offending. I have just begun a three-year commitment to serve on the Council of Stewards for Ipsalu Tantra. 

I am commited to sexual, gender, and relationship diversity. As a parent of a transgender son (FtoM), I am particularly concerned with supporting trans and "gender variant" people in all possible ways. My concern about LGBTQ suicides is one reason I give time to a crisis line in my community. 

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