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About Amy Sargent

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 10 years I'm glad to say I (still) LOVE what I do!  People often remark they don't know how I listen to people's problems all day and not become depressed, overwhelmed or cynical.  My answer is simply that my job makes me grateful!  Not thankful that I don't happen to be the person struggling with those problems, but glad that I've gone through my own personal pain and struggles so I know how to relate.  Because of my own experiences, I know how to help move the client from where they are merely surviving life, to a place where they are thriving.  

Previously I had a career in Ministry which helped guide me into the field of Psychotherapy.  The part of working in Ministry that I enjoyed most was sitting down with people and hearing their current challenges.  Relationship issues, not knowing who they are, working at a job though uncertain of what they really want to do in life, relationship break-ups or uncertainty about who to date or whether they're ready to date; abuse or trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression or low self-esteem... I heard so many stories and I wanted to help.  So, after completing my Masters in Theology, I decided to go back and get my Masters of Counseling Psychology.  I have never regretted that decision!

I understand some people see the word Ministry and will wonder what that means... so I'll tell you upfront.  I am a Christian.  I know that word may incite ideas of fundamentalism, judging, even rejecting anyone who is different from them... that is NOT who I am.  I believe in a Jesus who spent time with people who were very different from him and were rejected by normal society.  I believe in a Jesus who drank wine and went to wedding parties and enjoyed himself.  I believe in a Jesus who napped and studied, who cried and was a wise, loving and accepting teacher.  The greatest command God gives Christians is to LOVE... love God and love others.  Words or actions not of LOVE are not Christian.  

Speaking of love, there's another thing that I love to do... something most people fear.  Glossophobia is America's biggest fear- there are discrepancies in statistics anywhere from 25-75% of our population fears Public Speaking, but regardless of what percentage it is, it remains our greatest phobia.  I used to feel the same way until a drama teacher in high school told me to "fake it until you make it."  I acted more confident than I felt and eventually it worked!  Decades later I really enjoy sharing the insights my own personal experience, education and expertise allow.  People have told me I'm an engaging, authentic and relatable speaker whether I'm sharing about childhood development, discipline techniques, parenting tools, Biblical truths or teaching classes in Human Development and Abnormal Psychology. 

My undergraduate degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts has, until recently, been underutilized.  It occasionally comes in handy if I'm writing a talk, and definitely served its purpose while I finished all the papers required for two Master's degrees!  My emphasis was Broadcast Journalism though, which is one reason why I'm on Your Tango now.  I can use my writing, wisdom from both my spiritual and psychological training and experience to do what I've always wanted to do... Help People!  My professional goals have always been to use everything of my past experiences, relationships, education, training and experience to help others through their own healing and growth.  What better way to have made all those struggles worthwhile?! 


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