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About Amy Armstrong

“Amy is moving in!” Families are constellations of interactions and habits. I move in to the family dynamic to help parents create new habits that transform chaos into calm. 
As a “Real-Time” family coach, therapist, court referred mediator, and certified parent coach®, I have dedicated my career to the productive resolution of conflict.  Through my work with hundreds of families, I inspire self-awareness, skillful communication and solutions that support families as you reach your goals for parenting and co-parenting.  As a co-founder of The Center for Family Resolution, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio,  I help families by strengthening teamwork among parents and couples. Parents are empowered to change their own perspective and responses to children as the most impactful way to guide children’s behavior, create a secure environment, and uplift children out of difficult behavior, sadness or anxiety. I often involve legal professionals and other therapists to address family needs in complex court situations such as working with families to high-conflict separation and divorce or post-decree co-parenting issues. 
As an active Board member and past president of the Ohio Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, I collaborate with other professionals to create progressive interventions for court-involved families. Additionally, I am a past president of the Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce professionals and serve as a clinician with the Overcoming Barriers Family Programs for high-conflict families where a child resists contact with a parent.  I lead trainings for professionals including courses through the Ohio Supreme Court, and for the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts on topics such as family mediation, parental alienation, strengthening families, and effective management of high-conflict family matters. 
As I move in to the family dynamic, parents get a new perspective and see how your interactions and habits impact the entire family. I not only move in and disrupt the family patterns, but I offer a “move in” service to come in to your home for 2-4 days to observe and name the habits in Real-Time. I call it the Healing Home Invasion! I work with the parents individually and together, and bring your children in to family meetings to create solutions to problems together. Whether the problems relate to schedules, discipline, routines, technology use, or homework (anything!) Real-Time means two things – we need to look at the patterns and habits as they are unfolding in the moment. And we get REAL! Families have real, authentic and honest conversations, maybe even for the first time. 
Real-Time Parenting is also the name of my first book. 


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