Is It Time To Walk Away?

Is It Time To Walk Away?

Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can feel. It is an antecedent to a plethora of emotions stemming from wonder to despair. When relationships end, the person left behind will always wonder to themselves, “Didn’t I once know you?” especially if their heart was shattered.

In reality, the only way to end an alliance is to be honest, to express your reasons, and then to simply just walk away. No person wants to know that they emotionally rejected another human being causing heartache and morose. Nor do we, by nature, want to prolong a situation where we, ourselves, are starting to feel wretched and discouraged. Ending a relationship takes courage when we are walking away from someone who is pulling us down, yet as an oxy moron, ending a relationship can be cowardly if you do not say goodbye in a healthy way.

So how do we say goodbye to someone we love, or have loved, without causing another person pain? The answer is simple. You cannot end a relationship without causing pain. But you can lesson the blow to your partner by respecting their emotional well being, presenting yourself in an honest fashion and by being clear in your communication. And then walk away!

Walking away from someone who is abusive, has an addiction, or is holding you back from pursing your dreams takes courage on your part. It is also a wake up call to your partner that you respect yourself enough to not keep placing yourself in doleful situations. By walking away, you are silently encouraging your partner to take steps towards working on their life. Sometimes a good bye is the best form of tough love, and in the end you may have opened a new door to a better relationship down the road with your partner. If it was meant to be it will be, but you must walk away first to find out. If you have clearly and kindly communicated your feelings, and have taken a healthy exit from the relationship, you yourself will have less guilt and less chances of running back into an unhealthy situation.

If you have been in a relationship, have tried numerous accounts to rekindle a flame that has been blown out, or the relationship just is not what it was anymore, it may be time to walk away. Carefully consider your feelings, your needs and devise a speech to clearly tell your partner how you feel. And then walk away. Unfortunately the person left behind will have to deal with a dismal and dispirited reaction, but time apart will help you both see clearly. If you do not walk away, you are leaving your ex with false hopes and dreams… which is unfair. The time and space apart may open your eyes to realize that the grass was never greener on the other side. At that point, you may want to count your blessings and try to rekindle what once was, if your partner can learn to trust you again. Life is full of surprises, you will never know unless you try. Walking away from your partner in a healthy loving way can only do more good than harm.

For the person who is left behind, it is also a wise decision to walk away. Don’t call, text your ex, and especially do not send emails begging this person for a second chance, or writing that you will change and be the person they expect you to be. You are only belittling yourself. As hurt as you are, and as painful as the situation seems, you also must walk away to regroup. Get yourself a support system and step outside of yourself to see the situation for what it is. That person may have just done you the biggest favor. Take the time to embrace yourself, and all that you are. Although you were the one left behind, walk away from your ex by taking this time to reflect. Remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder. It may be the best remedy to rekindle a love that was once dismal, or it may make you both stronger, wiser, healthier people and open a door to a new love. Sometimes closing the door on the past and walking away from the present is the only way to get to the future.