How To Handle A Breakup On Facebook

How To Handle A Breakup On Facebook [EXPERT]
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5 social media etiquette tips to help you deal with your breakup the right way!

Being in a relationship involves being committed to another person. It takes two people to give 100 percent of themselves to remain an alliance. In the beginning, if you are on a social media site like Facebook, it is only natural to want to post "In a Relationship" as your relationship status to show all of your 500 friends how happy you both are. But what happens when the relationship ends? What do you do then? 5 Relationship Warning Signs Revealed Through Facebook

Here are five social media etiquette tips to help you get through your breakup:

1. First and foremost, wait at least six months to post that you are "In a Relationship". Sharing your significant other to the social media world should wait. You could always write sweet comments on pictures or posts if you feel the need to "piss on someone's wall" to make it clear that they are "taken".

2.  To be in a relationship, it takes two to tango. To walk away from a relationship, it may only take one person. Rule number one for respecting yourself or another, NEVER break up with someone on Facebook. Don't be a coward in front of all your friends. It is cold, insensitive, and belittling. If you want out of a relationship, do not embarrass your partner by changing your status to "single" and shocking your partner and the world. If you must end a relationship, do it in an appropriate way WITH your partner, and let your status change slowly to no status at all.                                     

3. Lose the "It's Complicated" option. Once you make that option your status, you have just given a green light to 500 people to start asking your soon to be ex what is happening. When a relationship is having a rocky road, it can be extremely painful for the person who is still in love and wants to try and salvage the relationship. To air your dirty laundry publicly may cause more harm than good to your partner.

No matter how hurt you are, or how badly you may want to walk away from the relationship, always respect your partner on Facebook. Remember, it is better to leave your status as is for a week, than set it to "no relationship status" (after you have appropriately spoken to your ex) than to cause emotional pain on someone else. If you are strong enough to walk away then be strong enough to have respect.

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