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How To Catch A Good Man

Men, by nature, are hunters. They have a natural instinct to track down what they want, find their prey and surmise a plan to go in for the catch. It has been this way since the archival caveman and probably always will be. Although our lives have become increasingly technologically advanced, it does not mean that we, as women, should take away a man’s instinct and love for hunting.

It is true to say that some women are accustomed to being turned off by men who are predators. Nice guys always finish last because women, as well as men, are drawn to “the game” otherwise known as “a challenge”. As a result, they cannot attract good men nor can they keep one. Here are 4 ideas on how to turn the tables, and gain more productive chances to land the man of your dreams.

1) Keep Busy.

Get active and get out. Join sports leagues, social clubs and always reply “yes” to every social invitation. The more your social life increases, the more chances you have at getting noticed by a hunter. Let him notice you and pursue you. From the beginning of time that his been an instinctual fact. Don’t emasculate a man. Just because life has become advanced, does not mean that the male species has changed. Figure out the type of man you would like to attract and place yourself in places he may be. If you are athletic, join a Co Ed sports team. If you like trendy arts, spend your weekends at museums or plays. If you want a man to have similar taste as you, keep yourself involved in the things you love.

2) Always Look Good.

Men know what they want. Every man is looking for something different, something that fits their own needs and taste. Size, shape and age are different in every man’s eyes. Wherever you go, look your best. Try and have lipstick on when you food shop or dress nicely to go to the movies. Try not to wear sweat pants every where you go. A first impression is the one a man will always remember.

3) Let Him Be A Man.

A man wants to pursue you any way he can to come in for the catch. Let him. Don’t pick up the phone in the beginning and call a new “prospect”. Don’t take away a man’s natural instinct. By the third date he will know where you live, where you work, if you have a Facebook or Twitter account and may even know who some of your friends are. If you do not receive a call after the third date, DO NOT CALL HIM. He didn’t get hurt or lose your number and by now he knows exactly where to find you. Hunters know where their prey will be. He may not be that interested in you. That’s ok. Keep on making yourself available for social functions and move on to the next man. There is a pot for every lid, so have patience and wait for you pot arrive.

4) Don’t Fall For The Player!

Real men want to settle down and carry on their life with a wife and children just as much as women do. Never force a man though; their biological clocks are programmed a little differently than ours are. But they are still programmed. A play boy type of hunter will not be that into you, but will give you hints here and there to keep you interested. He will become a challenge to catch you, keep you on your toes, will disappear for a day or two at a time or have a crazy story to tell. He may blow you off for two days and sweep you off your feet the next day. BE AWARE. If this continues more than two months, he may be using you. If you put up with that behavior, he will take advantage of it. He may be looking for sex, or he may not want to be alone, so he is “using” your companionship until he finds his prey. Never settle. Don’t believe that you will be the one to change his “player” ways. Most likely it will be the woman who is unavailable, and allows him to naturally be the hunter. Have some self respect and find the need to be treated like a princess. Men will climb mountains for a woman they want. LET HIM.

5) Men Climb Mountains When They Are In Love.

When a hunter catches his prey, he usually goes to a taxidermist, has it stuffed and shows off his catch with pride. A man, who loves you and wants to be with you, will treat you like his prize princess. He will call you when he says he will, text you, bring you around his family and friends at his own pace, in his own time. But you will know you have been “caught” by the perfect hunter when the feelings are mutual and the relationship flows very nicely. There is an amazing feeling in itself, to have been pusued, caught, and you are now the prize. When life takes its natural instinctual course, the rewards are beautiful. Have faith.


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