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Within all of us are the seeds of greatness, it is only our conditioned beliefs that stand between us and our fullest potential. Through the process of eliminating our unconscious blocks we free ourselves to create a life that is truly amazing.

About Alicia Cramer

Who is Alicia D. Cramer and how did she use her ability to transform her own life to build a successful business and develop the skills to help hundreds of clients each year achieve greater levels of success, health and happiness?

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Coach and Entrepreneur. I teach individuals (and groups) how to use the power of your mind achieve greater levels of success in life and business. I am currently a self-growth expert on the Living Consciously TV Show and the CEO of Wausau Hypnotherapy LLC, my private coaching and hypnotherapy practice.

In spite of some difficult emotional issues and challenges in my early 20's, I found energy healing and hypnotherapy which literally transformed my life. I was able to successfully overcome major depression, an alcohol addiction, and symptoms of PTSD after being physically and sexually assaulted. As a result of self discipline and a passion for empowering myself and others, I sought education in the areas of Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, NLP, EFT and Coaching.

I have a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona and Diploma in Hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. My work involves a firm understanding of the human mind as well as Universal Success Principles for an inner and outer approach to health, wealth and happiness.

In addition to my fascination for the human mind and how our beliefs and attitude affect all areas of our lives, my drive to be an entrepreneur led me to start my first business in 2002. After several attempts at business I found my calling as a business coach and hypnotherapist. For the past couple of years the majority of my work is with entrepreneurs and professionals to increase their self-confidence, improve their self-image, master their mindset to achieve their personal and professional goals, and maximize their results.

I believe that anyone with a strong desire and willingness to change can be successful with the right tools. It is my passion to teach those of you with that drive how to use your mind, energy and skills to create a life and business you LOVE.

I offer a variety of hypnosis audios in mp3 format to Lose Weight, Increase Confidence, Achieve Your Business Goals, Improve Your Money Mindset and more.

If you are a business owner seeking help and guidance to grow your business, increase your renvue, overcome old limitations and help make a significant contribution through your work, contact me for a complimentary consultation!

Alicia Cramer Success Stories

Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

Married couples

"I just had to say that just weighed in for second week in a row and lost another 2 lbs...for a total of 7.2 lbs in two weeks. I am so happy with these results. I feel motivated to keep my food log going. I didn't beat myself up if I had bad food days like I would in the past, which would then make me give up right away and say I couldn't do this. I have determined that I am human, I can enjoy somethings, but in moderation.more

I am an emotional eater. I am now paying more attention to the cues that are triggering it. They say it takes three weeks to clear an old habit. I have one week left, and I feel confident in my future. I do believe that the hypnosis helps release a lot of old emotional clogs that continued to hinder my ability to take care of myself. I am continuing to do this and will keep posted on what is happening. I just have to say thank you Alicia."

Jennie Comfort
Owner Comfort Within LLC

Moving Forward in Life and Business

Women dealing with work related stress

Alicia has helped me to work through blocks and get past the limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward in my life. With Alicia's help I have realized that I don't need to do things in the same manner that everyone else does, and that my success lies in honoring my own truth.more

Through my work with Alicia I am discovering my own voice and my own style, and am attracting clients who resonate with me. Amazing things can happen when we connect with who we are in the face of fear, doubt, and discomfort. Many thanks to Alicia for helping me to be who I actually am.

Kirsten H. Yoga Instructor/Business Owner

Career Growth and Personal Empowerment

Women dealing with work related stress

"Alicia helped me make some significant emotional shifts regarding self-confidence, self-value, and belief. She taught me a "trick" to increase my confidence, I used it while giving a presentation and I rocked it!! That presentation has led to scheduling 3 more presentations as well as new coaching clients! Alicia has also helped me to recognize my "ideal" client, not by labels or titles but, by how I FEEL when I'm with my ideal client. And that "feeling" gets infused into my writing, marketing, website design, etc. Alicia knows what it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur...unique techniques, intuitive mindset, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to live your dream!"more

Christine Mathieu
Financial Life Planning Advisor
Mathieu Center for Financial Wholeness

Clearing Money Blocks

Men dealing with financial stress

“I am so happy with your audio “Clearing Money Blocks”. I have only listened to it one time and I am really impressed. Alicia’s voice is super pleasant and calming. I would recommend this product to anyone who desires more joy, abundance and flowing.”more

Michael Lord

Spritual Growth

Women seeking spiritual guidance

"I am astonished and grateful for these amazing clearing CDs (Awakening Series). Such loving messages transcended and encompassed the integrative time line and all formative experiences. You touched a level in my spirit that brings a sublime depth to these new recognitions. I can see how by listening repeatedly to these recordings I will continue to appreciate and expand that sacred place where every aspect of my being is loved, accepted and encouraged. Thank you so much Alicia!"more

Marlene Sanchez

I Am Good Enough!

Women in complicated relationships

"I downloaded the MP3 'I am good enough' and I just loved it! Alicia's voice is so calming and comforting, the background music is beautiful, and the quality of the recording is very good. The words touched my heart! I woke up with a smile on my face and with such a wonderful feeling deep inside. Thank you Alicia!"more


Business Success Audio Program

Married couples

"The Business Success Program is truly a fabulous gift to give to yourself or someone else you know who could use a boost in their business. Alicia's audio's are soothing, relaxing and you feel safe as her strong, pleasant voice easily carries you to a deeper place inside. From listening to them I feel more optimistic, without even trying! (It's easier to smile at everything and everyone). They have given me a deep knowing that success is already here, and the additional audio's in the program connected me to the passion I have for my business, and supported me to embody my message. I now easily take the steps required to have the success I am desiring.more

I highly recommend the Business Success Program to anyone who is ready to step up and into all of who they are. Alicia was born to guide you there!"

Melissa Sarazin
Conscious Life Mentor

Hypnosis Library for Weight Loss

Married couples

"I got off track a few weeks back then started listing to the hypnosis audios again and I feel much stronger and completely back on track... I am 1/2 pound away from a 30 lb weigh loss! 22 more to go to my goal so I am officially more than half way.. I think that half way point was my stall for some reason. Alicia Cramer really helped me break through that... thanks for all you do for us!"
Cheryl Hampton

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