Self Love Requires Committed Action, Not Just Feel Good Mantras

I became a self-love coach because I know the pain of finding reasons to hate myself. Self-love is the foundation not only to everything we want, but to who we want to be. I created the "Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Movement" to redefine the word "bombshell" to mean a self-loving woman who owns her mind, body and spirit, and who is able to stand tall in her greatness.

Loving ourselves in a culture that tells us that everything is wrong with us is a revolutionary act. We say that we want to be loved unconditionally, but then our love for ourselves is extremely conditional. We promise to love ourselves when we get the guy, the house, the job, the bag — but all of those are temporary fixes. You build love with yourself the same way you build love with another person: by taking actions that build up self-trust.

If you ask the average person whether she loves herself, she'd probably say "of course". However, I always look deeper with my coaching clients to see if the person is engaging in self-loving behavior. Are you only allowing people who believe in you and hold a vision of your highest good into your life? Do you eat foods that are healthy for you and leading a positive lifestyle? Are you feeding your mind with empowering entertainment and ideas? Do you feel confident enough to pursue your dreams? This is what self-love looks like. Most importantly, we have to remember that self-love is like bathing; we have to reinforce it daily. It's time to rewrite the negative wiring that we inherited from those who didn't know how to love themselves. I'm the author of "The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love," and I still have to reinforce my self-love daily, but the inner voice slowly has more positive things to say than negative.