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Want To Know The REAL You? Discover Happiness With Your Body Soul


I discovered the Well of Souls. Like most of my unique, awesome, amazing, spiritual discoveries, my happiness in my discovery was dampened within a few days when I found that the subject has been known and talked about for millennia. (Dang!)

Still, the URLs that I found (For example, the one above) seemed a bit sparse on the explanation. The following is one of my experiences with the Well of Souls, as well as the Field of Spirits.

Of course, I suspect it's impossible to not be sparse when explaining concepts that are so huge, but here we go. To start, people have higher spirits and they have body souls—two separate things that have only a tenuous connection to each other in most people.

The Body Soul

The body souls stretch from the middle to the back of the brain then down into the body, encompassing the major chakra points and attenuating into the limbs. All living organisms have body souls.

It is the part that allows the body to carry out the functions of living. If one looks at the Map of Consciousness (google it!), the body soul encompasses all the emotions from Pride down.

A person can live a decent and productive life just operating from the body soul. However, the monkey brain is running that life.

The monkey brain frequently makes requests of the prefrontal cortex—the human part of the brain—in order to use logic and make intelligent, human decisions. Thus, a person can be very smart when operating from the body soul.

A person operating from the body soul can even jump up to the higher emotions in the Map of Consciousness. But whenever a stressful moment comes, that person will compulsively revert to one of the emotions below courage—whichever is the level in which they normally live.

What happens when an organism dies? The body soul goes to the Well of Souls to be "washed," an extremely weak term for an incredibly complex reaction, which is an incredible creation.

Why wash the body soul? When one dies, one's body soul (not to be confused with higher spirit) may be carrying significant dark karma or injuries.

Some victims of child molestation have a body soul that is shredded from the heart chakra to the base chakra. The body soul is barely hanging together by a thread.

And other body souls may have tumor-like lumps on them in various locations based on the sins or emotional burdens that that person experienced in life.

Basically, the issues are stuffed into portions of the body soul. These are the areas that healers, Reiki practitioners and acupuncturists work to clear.

Guilt, for example, is likely to be stuffed toward the lower side of the chest cavity, somewhere between the heart and will chakras.

Burdens of many kinds end up like a backpack toward the upper back, and so forth.

So, a person dies. It takes 3 days for the body soul to fully separate from the body.

Then it is separated from the body and moves into the well of souls until the roughest lumps and holes are smoothed. Then it can be reused, though some of these body souls that are reincarnated still have lumps or holes.

There are many reasons why a spirit might choose such body souls, but I am hardly privy to all of them. Hello, human here!

But an example might be that that spirit will be born with some soul damage in order for others or that specific spirit to learn from it. Then there's the whole epigentic issue of carrying over survival reactions so you can, um, survive.

If you talk to parents of disabled children, many will tell you that they learned more from having such a child that they ever would have from a "normal" child. They'll even say that such a child is a gift.

Occasionally a soul is so sundered that it can't even be put in the well of souls.

Field Of Spirits

I've seen the field of spirits as a matrix of white, glowing, egg-like spheres that are connected to other spheres by lines that appear to carry energy. Each egg contains a spirit.

They appear to be in clusters, which most likely represent the groupings into which they return in each reincarnation—one incarnation you may be male, another female.

In another you may be the parent, and the next, you're the child. In another you may be a friend or distant relative; in the next you are in the same family.

There is a being that "manages" the field of spirits who I think of as the Mother Goddess. Various other spirits also "work" there.

One time when I was there, I noticed that one of the spheres had dark lines of energy between it and some other spheres. The helper spirits appeared to be disintegrating those lines of energy—separating it from the other eggs around it.

The Mother Goddess granted permission for me to look within that sphere. It contained a middle-aged man who was gleefully planning the kidnap, torture and rape of a little boy. I backed out of the sphere.

The helper spirits finished dissolving the links and pulled the egg from the field of spirits. The Mother Goddess then granted me permission to follow them as they took the egg away.

They took it to this long, stone-like tunnel and placed it within. There were other eggs there as well. Most, including the egg in question, were still glowing.

One of the spirits there indicated for me to look in the egg again. The murderer-rapist was still happily planning his crime.

I backed out again. The spirit indicated I could look in another, and inside it was a 14 year old girl—anquishing, sad, crying—who had committed suicide.

I backed out. A bit horrified, I queried what was happening there.

The spirits that had helped moved the rapist indicated that the eggs in that tunnel had been removed from the field of spirits because they persisted in taking actions that were negatively influencing other eggs. Or they were removed because they had, of their own free will, chosen not to live.

The eggs in the tunnel didn't know about the field of spirits and, therefore, didn't know they'd been removed from it. They would continue to exist in the state they were in when they were removed from the field.

I indicated that it didn't seem fair to me that a 14-year-old girl should languish in misery for millennia while a murder-rapist continued to enjoy his fantasy of mayhem.

The spirits appeared sad at the thought, too, but they indicated that it was a matter of human's free will, with which the spirits had limited ability to interfere. They further indicated that it wasn't the first time that the girl spirit had done some such thing as suicide.

When I asked if the eggs would stay in the tunnel forever, they indicated that it would only last until humanity reached the state where it could help those individuals to not repeat the cycle that they had been following and so damage other spirits and human evolution.

Perhaps this is what the Roman Catholics think of as Purgatory?

The spirits regard free will highly. Why shouldn't they?

God created the will chakra, and what a creation it is! It's composed of self-awareness, free will and the ability to search for knowledge to serve that free will. Us humans still haven't even figured out why we're self-aware!

Would it be non-ethical to grow people, like corn, without self-awareness? Make humans slaves?

On the other hand, returning to the subject of that tunnel of lost souls, can an ignorant or distructive soul be allowed to corrupt other souls? Is that not negatively influencing others' free will?

So, in extreme cases, the body soul is placed in the tunnel, where it can continue to exist, alone in a sad (or happy) reality of its own creation, reliving (and perhaps, in a weird way, enjoying) its decisions. 

In such a bubble, it is cut off from hurting others. Some upon journeying to this place and seeing how such souls exist, may think this is hell. It isn't. It is an existence that the individual chose, but it is separate from the rest of us.

Free Will

I've heard that the fight between Satan and God was on the subject of free will. I presume that God wanted us to have it and learn how to evolve, while Satan wanted us to be good little robots.

I can see, in my very limited human manner, both sides of the argument. If Satan had his way, think how much suffering would be avoided.

Of course, without free will we'd be unable to expand in new and unusual ways. Our ability to invent, create, and love would be either limited or nonexistent, and, in the long run, the spirit world would have a lot of work and effort to continue controlling humans in even the most mundane functions.

But with free will, we humans can, potentially some day, I hope, evolve to the point of taking care of ourselves. We're given challenges that push us to do so.

For example, the true study of mental illness only started in the 1990s, though theories have abounded since the beginning of time. Interesting that the study coincided with or was quickly followed by inventions and discoveries—the MRI machine, CAT scans, genotyping, supercomputers—that are helping us learn how the brain works.

We are now getting to the point where we are starting to understand the causes and cures for mental illness.

Would we have bothered learning how the brain works without the challenge of needing to cure mental illness and the suffering that ensues from it? Ha! No way.

If it works, don't fix it and don't study it. If it works, don't figure out how to improve it.

Similar things can be said of all of humanity's challenges.

Cave men were cold and hungry. Now we have central heating and super markets and enormous infrastructures built around each.

You know, if we could get ahead of the curve and anticipate problems, we wouldn't have to suffer!

Understand that the higher spirits are available to guide us down a path of righteousness, which I think means working for the higher good of all concerned, including ourselves. They have very generously provided everything here on earth necessary for a good path! 

Our biggest impediment and challenge and gift is ourselves and other people.

Among other things, body souls are in the process of evolving human chakras. Among other purposes, the chakras are connections through which a person's spirit can control the body.

Every chakra can be used for bad or good—just look at the will chakra! Both evolution and chakras deal with the seven mortal sins and the virtues, among other things. 

Some people have no control over ANY of their sins or their chakras. Instead the monkey brain and chakras are connected primarily for the purpose of survival.

Nor do such individuals have a desire to control their own will or their own chakras. Like dumb animals, they simply exist, assuming that that is all there is. 

This is not necessarily evil; it is just animal survival. (Get me near chocolate, and I may instantly and happily sink into such a state!)

The danger is that someone's personal idea of chocolate may involve hurting or controlling others. The road to "hell" is paved with good intentions, you know.

Hmm, bad enough that the chocolate hurts the individual. I'm going to have to work on that one.