How To Guarantee Yourself A Kiss At Midnight This New Year's Eve

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How to avoid that awkward midnight moment.

Here it comes: The worst 15 seconds of the entire year for a single woman. An emotionally potent and often disheartening moment when the clock strikes midnight and you hope for a kiss.

This can be the MOST awkward flash of time. The last thing you want is to kiss your friend’s husband again this year. Everybody seems to have someone but you! You feel desperation creeping up your spine as you scan the room in the last few minutes hoping to lock eyes and then lips with some hunky guy.

In the past you lingered too long with your girlfriends and didn't take the time to curate your kiss. When the ball dropped, you were standing there with no one to wrap your arms around again!

Hey, I was in your single party shoes once and know the torment of this super-charged, over-promoted moment. You dread this point in time like no other and the pressure builds. It can be the loneliest 15 seconds ever.

But, with a good-looking man to kiss, you would build hope for love in the New Year. If you only had a plan...

Well now you do!

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Try any of these seven hot tips to help you capture a man’s attention and snag a kiss:

The point is to ring in a magical, love-filled New Year by kissing a man. Even a stranger is perfectly acceptable for this New Year’s Eve tradition, which harkens back to ancient Rome.

It’s all in good fun. There’s no pressure to find the perfect man for the long-run, just the ideal guy for a little midnight smooch. A sweet little kiss for a sweet 2018!

1. Wear a stand-out accessory.

Whatever outfit you choose to greet the New Year in, be sure to accessorize! Wear jewelry that makes a statement like a bold pin, long, dangly earrings or something unusual. Pick an item that’s a conversation starter, making it easy for a man to break the ice.

2. Start early.

Whatever time you arrive at the party or enter the bar, look for possibilities immediately. Check out the men who are already on site and find out who is single. You might pick your target guys and then get busy meeting them.

3. Flirt like crazy.

Pull out all the stops on your flirting skills and apply liberally. Remember when you hold eye contact for just 2-3 seconds and add your winning smile, that lets a man know you are open to him. Look back again a few minutes later and he’s likely to walk over and say hello.

4. Don't linger.

Flirting makes it easy for men to approach you. But, if you think you’re going to hold onto some guy for hours until midnight, you’ll appear clingy and desperate. Instead, move on to create a little mystery and seek out other options.

Be sure to say, “Catch you later,” before moving on to greener pastures, so he knows you’re interested. This demonstrates your confidence to work a room and could kick up his curiosity about where you’re going AND if you’ll circle back to him. In fact, sometimes a guy will seek you out for round two when you walk away.

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As midnight approaches, it's time to choose your mark and then take your plan to the next level:

About 20 minutes before the ball drops, cozy up to the man you’ve chosen and start a new conversation. Talk about the music, the food, the drinks or whatever. Then as time draws close to just a few minutes, try any of these suggestions.

5. Tell him a secret.

When you get close enough to whisper in a man’s ear, it’s very sexy. You are breaking the personal space barrier and making it so easy to get that kiss. It doesn’t need to be a real secret. You could tell him you hope all his dreams come true in the New Year. Then, as the clock strikes 12, look him in the eye, smile and pucker up!

6. Say something cute.

The words don’t really matter as long as you’re smiling and warm. Ask him, “Have you ever tried champagne kisses?” Then take a sip and lean in! What man could say no? Or try, “Want to help me start the New Year off right?” I’m sure you’ll think of something to entice him.

7. Go for a hug.

If you’re talking to a nice guy when it’s nearly time, open your arms inviting him in for a hug. Or you can coyly ask, “How about a hug?” Now you’ve put yourself in the perfect position for a New Year’s kiss which will seem like a natural next step.

Set an intention for a fun and flirty New Year and decide to go for it. Give yourself permission to talk to men, flirt from afar, or even draw a man in by signaling him to approach with your index finger. If you are playful and light-hearted, you are sure to have a memorable evening and get that kiss!

Then, do yourself a HUGE favor and let this set the tone for a 2018 filled with loving possibilities and maybe even the right man for you.

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