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Life Coach, Relationship Coach

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Respect is the foundation for healthy love.

About Robyn Wahlgast

Hi, I'm Robyn Wahlgast of New Direction Dating. I am a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, and have been coaching women for decades. I am also a happily married mother of three. Check out my latest video interview with The Wellness Universe to see if we're a coaching match. My clients are smart women who are looking for a lasting relationship that leads to commitment and marriage.  

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Why would I need a "coach" for dating?
It is very difficult to change old patterns and adopt new, healthier behaviors. While friends and family may want to support us, they don't always know how. Maybe some aspect of your behavior or attitude is unintentionally driving good guys out of your life, but your friends feel it's kinder to say "you're perfect just as you are" or "the right man will love you as is."

Your friends are right: You are perfect and deserving of love. But you may not yet know how to reveal the best version of yourself on dates and in romantic relationships. This is where an experienced coach can guide you in the right direction and support you through challenging situations. Good coaching helps you make important shifts in how you attract and relate to men — without altering who you are. Be yourself, only better.

I look forward to hearing your story!   

Warmest regards,

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Robyn Wahlgast Success Stories

Dating After Divorce Success

Women starting over

"When my husband left me two years ago I was completely shellshocked. I had absolutely no idea how to date. I made every mistake you can make in that first year. I was desperately lonely, insecure, and eager to please. I scared away every normal man in my orbit, and attracted a fair number of gold diggers.  THANK YOU for lifting me out of that rut and setting me on the right path. I like how you redid my eHarmony and match.com profiles. I am attracting much higher quality men, and I no longer feel desperate or nervous.  Things are even better with my ex! His head games don’t bother me, and I can tell he has more respect for the "new me" that he can’t manipulate. Thank you!!!"more

—Carla in Hilton Head, SC (age 62)

[Update: Carla is currently engaged and their destination wedding is planned for January 2015.]

Online Dating Success

Women seeking a relationship

“When I first wrote to you I'd given up on online dating—I wasn't meeting decent guys. My current guy and I have been dating for 4 months. He has said he loves me, and he brings up marriage all the time. I am letting him lead, and because I’m not insecure and pestering him all the time about “how does he feel” or “where is this going”, etc., I know he is really happy, too.”     more

—Ashley in West Hollywood, CA (age 38)

A Recent Newlywed Checks In...

Women seeking a relationship

“I’ve been out of touch but I wanted to write and tell you that we got married six months ago!! Thank you for helping me through it all. I never would have made it without your advice.”more

—Véronique in Sarasota, FL (age 35)

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