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About Laurie Weiss

As a woman, business owner, wife, mother and grandmother I think my most important job is to contribute to creating a world where people love and respect themselves and each other.

I have an unshakeable belief, based on over 40 years of experience, that people are doing the very best they can with the resources they have available to them at any given moment.  

Cultural myths and misinformation prevent people from having the loving relationships they deserve. Great relationships are not made in heaven. They do not need to end when you fall out of love, are not always exciting, and are not limited to a few lucky people.

Great relationships do require information, attention, time and commitment to the challenge of creating them.

My biggest contribution is being able to see, feel and know that wonderful relationships are possible in challenging personal and business situations. I am not afraid to speak difficult truths, and I help you discover what is true for yourself and learn to communicate it with compassion, grace and skill. You learn to have those important conversations that create your own wonderful relationships.

On a personal note, my life has been richer, fuller and more exciting than I ever imagined it could be. Two accidents, my introduction to Transactional Analysis in 1968 and to Feminism in 1970 led us to create a business and personal partnership that far exceeded my wildest expectations.

My husband, Jonathan B. Weiss, Ph.D., and I have been married for 52 years and in business together for 40 of those years. We have spent our business life studying, practicing and teaching relationship building skills. Along the way I have been privileged to be an internationally-known executive coach, consultant, psychotherapist, speaker and author. We have presented our work throughout the US and in eleven other countries.

Each time I considered retirement, I discovered that it was difficult to have the kind of meaningful conversations I love and that people pay me to have. I decided to continue my work as a personal and professional relationship coach, a therapist, and a writer. I enjoy it too much to stop now, although I am working less because my five grandchildren live in two distant cities, and I love to spend time with them too.

Still I keep learning new things. For the past several years I have been studying and using an incredibly powerful psycho-spiritual tool that facilitates the rapid healing of past, present and anticipated trauma.

My passion for experiential learning has led me on many strange and wonderful paths. I have been blessed by elephants in India, walked on hot coals, visited Camelot, flown over the Pyramids, and viewed the temples at Khajurajo.

My first book, Recovery from CoDependency: It’s Never too Late to Reclaim Your Childhood was written with Jonathan and published in 1988. It is now available again on the internet. An Action Plan for Your Inner Child: Parenting Each Other and I Don’t Need Therapy, but Where Do I Turn for Answers? were released in the early 90’s, and What is the Emperor Wearing? Truth-Telling in Business Relationships was published in 1998. Being Happy Together was released in 2007 and my latest book, 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying I Do is now available. have taught in thirteen countries outside the US, and my work has been translated into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Mandarin, Russian and Simple Chinese Characters.

I have been translating much of the information in these books into online courses and ebooks in order to keep the materials relevant and usable in today’s world. 

I have lost count of the booklets, ebooks and special reports and articles that I have available in many places. You can find a list of many of them at http://www.LaurieWeiss.com.

My husband, myself and several colleagues started Empowerment Systems in 1972. The others left a few years later. I earned my M.A. in Psychology in 1974 and my Ph. D. in Health and Human Services 20 years later. I am also a Certified Transactional Analysis Trainer with Clinical and Organizational Specialties and a Master Certified Coach.

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