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The skin is a barometer for the health of the entire body. Heal the underlying conditions of your skin disease, and you will improve every aspect of your life.

About Alan Dattner, MD

I've been a pioneer for over 30 years in integrating nutrition, dermatology, Applied Kinesiology, and Holistic Medicine into the practice of dermatology. I'm a founding member of the American Academy of Dermatology's Task Force for Nutrition and Evaluation of Alternative Medicine, and I'm a board-certified dermatologist.

I've written a number of scientific articles on nutrition and herbal medicine in dermatology, and I've written the chapter on holistic skin treatment in the seminal textbook Fitzpatricks Dermatology in General Medicine. I've lectured locally, nationally and internationally to both dermatology and complementary medicine organizations, and have been quoted in numerous popular magazines like The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Oprah.com.

I have a strong background in research methodology in the science of cellular immunology. More specifically, I elucidated key concepts linking environmental factors to inflammatory disease, during 3 years of investigation of human lymphocyte recognition at the National Cancer Institute in the 1970’s. Results of this work are published in peer review journals where I presented at plenary sessions of the Society of Investigative Dermatology.

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Alan Dattner, MD Success Stories

Eczema Finally Cleared After 30 Years

"Simply put, Dr. Dattner has done more for me in three months than any other doctor has done in 30 years. Until now, my skin has been more than a daily annoyance, infringing upon my ability to work, maintain a social life, and merely live freely. If you are someone like me, who has had a lifetime of skin ailments, or just recently begun experiencing problematic skin, Dr. Dattner will assuredly discover the culprit and provide a clear and natural route to health.more

Through diet and natural supplements, I have seen remarkable progress leaps and bounds beyond anything achieved by western medicines. I cannot recommend Dr. Dattner or his holistic approach to healing more highly. He has given me back my skin, and thus my life." ~ J.F., New Jersey

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