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“I will not let the teachings my daughter showed me remain silent. It would be unfair for me to keep them to myself. I am out to help the world uncover what I know is there.”

About Jack Hatfield

Jack wants people to understand that the Human Spirit can be used in the business field as well. “This is not all some kind of secret, hard work, lift up others, and strive to be the best are still the crucial traits used on the road map to success. Customer service works even when there is no perceived customer, but there is always a customer.”

He has the message your audience needs to hear – delivered by the man who lived it!

If you can understand “Cool under pressure”, then you can visualize Jack Hatfield. In no small way does this man take any adversity, any problem, and not find a way for it to benefit someone.

Jack is a sought-after keynote speaker, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. His passion is contagious as he makes logical sense from today’s information overload. He is tired of motivational speakers that endlessly sell you products that never truly solve the situation at hand. He wants only graduates from his teachings, not endless followers. He can help you change your mindset to reach your goals, not his. You need to prepare yourself for the challenges that you face. Jack will help you; as well as push you.

“It excites me that I was Blessed with Tragedy so that I may help others. The wisdom that was bestowed upon me as I sat bedside was an amazing transformational experience. If you have ever thought you could call something a miracle, this would be it. It not only shook me to the foundation, it destroyed it so that I had to build another, better foundation and a beautiful new lifestyle that went with it.”

“It is with these teachings that I must, I repeat, I must, spread the word and help. It seems like I was shown these principles at a very iconic time for our world and our country. People are seriously having problems right now. We don’t have time to sit around and hope for someone or something to pull us out of this mess. We have to work our way out. With that said, we need to look deep at what makes us tick, what makes us find the way in our own Human Spirit. Nothing can hold back the Human Spirit. It is what makes us powerful as individuals. Come with me as we dive into the wonders of the Human Spirit and find that we have all we need to succeed inside of us before we were born. It took a tiny child to show the way, and I won’t let her teachings remain kept, I must tell the world. ”

Once anyone sees his drive to teach these lessons, they will understand how his true destiny is now unfolding. He will show you that our possibilities are staggering. Our abilities are unbelievable. Our true spirit is so amazing; it is mind-boggling how we managed to lose contact. Jack feels tremendous pride knowing that he was given this tremendous opportunity.

Along with the birth of his daughter prematurely, Jack has lost everything he had – three times! He watched his grandfather take his last breath. He helped his uncle through cancer of the lung, liver and bone, far before today’s knowledge of the disease. He watched his mother take her last breath and in an unheard of act of valor, had to help lift her onto the gurney! You want someone to help you through adversity, Jack knows the path!

Incredible Businessman

Jack Hatfield started his career in the technology field where he boasts of some incredible success, not withstanding his unyielding customer support. He has always went above and beyond to help his fellow man and his new path after the birth of his daughter will help him reach millions more.

Some of his achievements in the technology field include:

Engineered and developed one of South Carolina’s largest gigabit fiber optic backbone network, spanning across a 300-acre facility over 21 buildings to date, encompassing 78 national clients initially with unlimited potential for expansion. This was accomplished as every company in the area turned down the job as too big. Jack personally ran fiber optic, telephone, and computer cable to ensure success and also completed the entire project with only a 10 person team.
Salvaged $30 Million project slated to be cut due to inefficiencies in meeting deadline, budget, and production through detailed analysis, intense and strategic training programs on top of gaining trust of workers who feared new system would eliminate their positions. Resolved main problem in 10 days which had puzzled IT group for three years.
Developed, built, and marketed six lines of computers for the value-conscious buyer to the most technically adept computer geek. Sold 9,000 of these computers nationwide and established three branches in only six years.
Created and grew global ISP business to $2 Million profit center in 21 months to become the largest and first all digital internet company based in South Carolina with 4123 subscribers in six countries and 14 states reaching sales revenue in excess of $5 Million.
Built $100 million organization’s network by designing, developing, configuring, and installing new features including: network isolation, main server with archives, file server, corporate wi-fi network security, anti-virus and spyware tools, and offsite redundancy.
Founded and designed one of the first online grocery delivery services in North America.

As you can see, Jack’s wisdom is one your audience will love. They will be inspired! As you can see, Jack will not simply amaze the audience, he will connect with them because he has worked like them. If you ever needed someone who has really “walked the walk” and is the “real deal”, Jack is the premiere speaker in which your audience will wish to see again and again!

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