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What hurts the soul? To live without tasting the water of its own essence

About Perrin Elisha

Welcome!  I am a psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Colorado, California, and via videoconferencing. I hold offices in Los Angeles, CA and Aspen,  CO.

I am most effective helping people overcome barriers to healthy relationships and finding the care, closeness, and satisfaction available in life. The happiest people always site their intimate relationships as the most meaningful and gratifying part of life. I can help you improve your capacity for and the quality of these relationships -- starting with your relationship to yourself. A therapeutic relationship is a great place to learn and talk frankly about how relationships work!  In addition to psychotherapy, please contact me about my new course on Relationship Readiness! -- what you need to know about yourself and a potential partner to be ready to embark on the path of a healthy long term relationship! 
The barriers to gratifying relationships vary by person and can include anxiety, past trauma, addictions or eating disorders, depression, self esteem or confusion about healthy relationship habits and beliefs.  
I have worked for many years in the treatment of health, body image, and eating concerns. I am also trained as a psychoanalyst, the highest level of psychological training, and am seasoned in the treatment of complex psychological issues and those seeking meaningful change to long lasting life patterns.  In short, I am trained to truly listen to what you have to say and find a treatment strategy that suits your unique individuality.

If you would like to get to know how I think and work, I have written in the area of body and health experience and its relationship to psychological wellbeing. My new book, "The Conscious Body: A psychoanalytic exploration of the body in therapy," explores the role of the body in psychoanalysis--traditionally a talk therapy. Formerly a bodyworker, I am committed to a psychotherapy that honors bodily wisdom and experience, and will help you to discover the joy of being embodied and connected to your own physicality.   

I am on the organizing committee and teaching faculty of the New Center for Psychoanalysis' eating disorders training program and periodically provide seminars and short courses for other organizations. I am a former staff member with the Susan B Krevoy Eating Disorders Program and have served for other inpatient treatment programs.

In psychotherapy, we work together as an intimate team where I can help you understand how your symptoms may themselves be a gateway to a full, authentic life. Despite our suffering, symptoms are not the enemy but our psyche's encoded way of trying to tell us what we most need and want.  If you feel that your life has been derailed from its true intent, I am here to help you decode these messages and discover your true identity.  Therapy sessions explore your experience and tailor treatment goals to meet your individual needs and desires.

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