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Dating Coach, Hypnotherapist, Image Consultant, Relationship Coach, Weight Loss Coach

About Deni Abbie

I have always believed that the things you are passionate about are not random they are your destiny and you're calling.

That is why I decided to become a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. My passion has always been to help people live happier healthier lives.

I want to inspire people to be the best that they can be.

I am highly motivated to help my clients achieve their dreams, overcome obstacles that are holding them back in their relationships, careers or obtaining personal goals.

I use "Positive Outcome Suggestion Technique," which is a combination of Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP.  This technique has proven to have extremely quick results and long term effects. 

I really want to assist my clients in reaching their goals as quickly and effectively as possible! With the amount of stress and pressure that most people are under today they need to be able to see and feel results at the beginning to keep them motivated. With POST technique my clients start to see results much more rapidly and effectively. When there is success involved it is motivational and there is light at the end of the tunnel to keep them going. 

As a personal coach my goal is to help you become the best you can be.

I work with a wide range of clients and offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual’s specific need, in a supportive and safe atmosphere.

We uncover what obstacles are holding you back from achieving your dreams, or overcoming any issues you are facing. 

I help you set realistic goals, analyze them from a 360 perspective and provide you with tools, motivation and resources to get there.

I support and guide you throughout this process, and help you build your strengths and overcome your weakness to achieve the goals you desire. It is having an accountability partner that cheers you on and gives you the tools to achieve what you desire.

I work in a many areas a few are:

Personal self development programs:  This is if you need more confidence and self esteem; you are unhappy and unfulfilled in your life; you want something more than you have right now; you do not like yourself and want an internal make over; this can help in all areas of your life (i.e., career, social & relationship.) This can also include Image Enhancement, (if you would like to bring out the best visual image you can present)

Relationship Coaching: Do you need help improving a relationship you are presently in, strengthening it, bringing back the excitement, or mending existing issues? We can work together on these areas to get you where you would like to be. If you want to get your relationship spark where it was when you met, contact me today.

I also help you heal and recover from broken relationships and loss of a loved one bringing you to a healthier and happier person, ready to enjoy your life once again! If you are ready to stop living in the past memories, and want to move on to a beautiful future contact me to help you contact me today.

Increasing Emotional Intelligence: Learning the ability to identify, use and understand and manage your emotions in a positive way, as well as understanding other peoples emotions.  Learning effective ways to relieve stress in any situation. Learning effective communication techniques. Learning how to resolve conflict in an effective way in your personal and professional life. Learning healthy emotions empathy, humor etc in your personal and professional life.

Dating Coaching:  Are you midlife and back in the dating scene and need help figuring out how to navigate through the new world? You aren't confident in the new dating world and need someone to help you safely enter into this new life style with your best foot forward!  You may need help creating profiles online and assistance on how to date in this era. You may need advice on dating situations at any age, or any situation. I am here to help you with great resources, ideas about how to meet people, protocols in dating and feedback to make dating successful! Let me help you enter the dating world more confident and in control so you end up with the right dating experience and the love of your life, contact me today.

Anxiety: Do you find you have a tough time socializing in the office or in your personal life? Do you have a physical reaction that resembles panic and fear when you are forced to do something outside of your comfort zone?  Is it holding you back from enjoying your life? This may only be in certain situations such as dating, or large social events, or it could be every day life.  There is no reason to let this affect you any longer. I can help you love your life, and become much more comfortable in your own skin. Let me help you overcome your social anxiety or panic attacks contact me today.

Hypnotherapy: This is a great tool to be used for all areas you need to improve in. I make personalized tapes that help you overcome what you want to work on (i.e., weight loss,sports performance, stop smoking, anger management, phobias, stress, increase exercise and eating right, moving on from relationship, etc.)  If you have a desire to better yourself than this is perfect for you. I will discuss this in person on how effective it can help your individual situations.

Women in Transition

Sometimes we experience changes that are forced upon us and we must learn to deal with them, or we have made decision and now we are learning to deal with those consequences. Either way it’s natural to experience challenges and stress along the way. These changes can cause your world to turn upside down. This can be due to divorce, a broken relationship, job loss, career changes, empty nest or anything that changes your world.

I have tools and techniques that will ensure your transition unfolds more smoothly, more efficient and with direction. I can help you make these transitions much easier

In addition to being a professional Life & Relationship Coach, I will also present to general audiences.

All I need from you is the desire for a better life and I can help you get there!

Call me today for your free 15 minute consultation http://www.Lovinglife.us or http://www.deniabbiehypnosis.com

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