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Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Educator, Relationship Coach

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Most couples long for a loving and secure relationship, yet half of all marriages end in divorce. I help couples who have experienced infidelity or betrayal work through the pain, hurt and humiliation that crisis brings. By exploring the patterns that keep you feeling stuck and alone, we can restore your partnership based in honesty and in truth.

Licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist since 1985, married over 30 years and having raised five children (including twins), Carolyn Gerard brings practical wisdom and understanding to each therapy session.

About Carolyn Gerard

In a relationship, it is easy to lose a safe connection and it can be difficult to get it back. Maybe an emotional affair, infidelity or pornography has destroyed the secure bond you once had. Sometimes there will be one perpetual issue that never gets resolved. Communication can become stifled to keep from arguing or constant arguing can feel out of control.

I help couples make sense of the walking-on-eggshells feelings and move beyond the hurt, the anger, the betrayal and rejection to return to a more trusting and honest connection. Getting to the heart of the issue by working through the conflict is essential to restoring a safe and loving bond.

With extensive training in the latest research-based techniques for working with couples, I specialize in Relationship Therapy. This includes Premarital Counseling, Couples on the Brink of Divorce, Couples in Transition - new parents to empty nesters; Individuals in Transition; and Parenting Adolescents. I also facilitate Couples Workshops.

Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1985, married 30 years and having raised five children (including twins), I bring practical wisdom and understanding to each therapy session. Email me at cg@Relationships4Life.com, or visit www.Relationships4Life.com for more information.

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