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Love is learning to care about and be committed to the unity of Life. Love is not just the essence of wholeness, it is the essence of happiness. Succeed in love and you succeed in Life. SJA

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I am a health psychologist and have been consulting since 1986. I began consulting services while completing my post-doctoral fellowship in Preventive Medicine at the Northwestern University Medical School.  I’ve developed the Mindfulness Eating Training Program and the Stronger Than Stress Training Program and use these programs with individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds, families, and athletes.

Although common sense tells us living longer is a good thing, these are not common times. Ours is a time of epidemics caused by the ways we learn to live life. It is not just cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancers that are the products of our lifestyle. Rates of suicide are increasing, propelled by ways of living that are making us unhappy, more depressed, and more anxious than previous generations.  Read more in my book about Exercise, Life, & Love 


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