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Professional & family caregivers are blessed with the gift of a compassion heart. However, it is vital that you don't engage in self-sacrifice so that your heart can always stay open and available to others.

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NEW BOOK: Bringing Shadow Behavior Into The Light Of Day

This book is a brief, insightful, and practical guide for leaders who are committed to creating a culture of safety. With less than 100 pages, you can read it in one sitting and it is rich with resources and reasoning you will refer back to for the duration of your culture change efforts. This book provides a foundation for long-term meaningful change that will serve healthcare consumers, staff, and systems well.more

Some key takeaways!

A compassionate acknowledgment about the need for nursing to have ownership into the causes of disruptive behavior and difficulty involved in changing contributory behaviors.

Asking these nurses to change this habitual allowing behavior is like asking them to relearn how to breathe. It is not easy to stand in the realization that your well-meant interventions and actions were enabling individuals to embrace dysfunction rather than growth. –Phyllis Quinlan (page 12)

An explanation of the difference between bullying and chronic incivility with distinct solutions for managing.

This accurate assessment [between bullying and chronically uncivil behavior] is vital if management is going to successfully collaborate with administration and human resources in the crafting of a plan that is going to address, manage, and remediate the employee’s behavior. —Phyllis Quinlan (page 28).

A bottom line description of why civility matters along with its interconnectedness with patient safety and workforce health!

Our consumers are savvy enough to have safety concerns should they suspect that the team is not acting civilly toward one another. They question why they should expect the caregivers to be responsive to a frail family member’s needs when they cannot even be polite to each other. –Phyllis Quinlan (page 29)

A compelling case for developing emotional intelligence as a longterm solution. Particularly exciting for the work of medical improv as an intervention for developing ‘soft’ skills involved in communication, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and leadership! 
We have come to a time in our profession and industry when skills and knowledge are not enough to ensure sound clinical outcomes, a high level of patient satisfaction, and excellent staff engagement scores.

—Phyllis Quinlan (page 51)

PLUS lots of resources and models useful for developing emotional intelligence and managing of disruptive behavior.

I highly recommend this book to nurse and healthcare leaders who are seeking guidance in their role for leading longterm meaningful change.

BOOK: Bringing Shadow Behavior Into The Light Of Day

I am a fan of Phyllis Quinlan's books and this one builds on other topics such as the ones in her earlier book, The Delicate Balance. This book was a really good read -- had practical advice for dealing with incivility and bullying in the workplace, which is something all of us have had to deal with. Though she writes topics related to health care, they are applicable to everyone in any workplace setting. All of us as employees can learn useful information here, but I think this should be required reading for Human Resource professionals -- and every manager could learn something useful here too. In addition, Phyllis writes about the emotional toll these behaviors take, and how to manage that. I highly recommend this book, and I enjoyed reading it. Ellen K

BOOK: Bringing Shadow Behavior Into The Light Of Day

Dr. Phyllis Quinlan is a thought leader in the nursing field. Her latest book follows her style of exploring and explaining complex behaviors in a simple-to-understand manner. It is obvious her passion is helping people reach their highest potential in the work environment. Her compassion and enthusiasm for improving the work environment for nurses is evident in her writing. In addition to identifying the issue, she offers viable solutions. Don't miss an opportunity to read this book - you'll come away with an understanding of bullying in the workplace and ways to manage disruptive behavior.

NEW BOOK: Bringing Shadow Behavior Into The Light Of Day

The first time I met Phyllis Quinlin, I had the honor to hear her speak at a peri-operative conference about bullying and incivility. I read her entire book in one night. Every bit of it was the hard truth, it was motivating and inspired me to make a difference in this situation as a nurse myself. Phyllis is a professional nurse, a legal consultant, and a life coach with great advice. It was a privilege to receive a phone call from her one weekend and have a conversation about my life goals in my nursing career and my hopes to make a change in bullying with new grad nurses. Phyllis was a very down to earth person with wonderful advice. I highly suggest that you read this book if you are a victim or the culprit. She has a plan for both participants in the situation!


Phyllis is a dynamic career coach with the rare ability to Identify what makes you a unique candidate with skills, talents, and experience which make you stand out. I hired Phyllis to coach me in my career as I pursued advancing in leadership. Phyllis helped me launch my career in leadership with her resume writing talent, her skill in knowing how to market me in leadership and her enthusiasm for breathing her faith in me that I will accomplish my goals.


After completing my MSN program in nursing education I knew I was ready to move from a management/administrative position to a nurse educator position. It had been some time since I last looked for a job so I decided to seek guidance in making this career shift. I had talked with Phyllis through the AORN career center and she impressed me with her knowledge so I contacted her. She provided suggestions, information and education that helped me focus on what I wanted and where I wanted to go. We also spent time talking about my current position and how I could improve immediately. Plus, she really helped me with LinkedIn which was invaluable as I had never used it before. Overall, I credit her with helping me secure a position in nursing education with only one interview!!


Phyllis Quinlan is an excellent career counselor and personal coach. She is well versed in her field and very professional. Phyllis provided me with exceptional career guidance, and thanks to her invaluable advice and career counseling, I was hired almost immediately following our consultation. I highly recommend Phyllis and her services, she is simply the best!


Phyllis is the consummate professional. It has been my privilege to be associated with her. Her sense of caring for the whole individual is matched only by her wit and charm. She maintains her calm demeanor in the face of multiple deadlines and emergencies. She can educate a room full of professionals while they think they are being entertained. It is my honor to call her a friend and colleague.


As a seasoned career nurse and health industry professional, I was exploring my career choices. Phyllis provided an invaluable service to me, guiding me as to what I wanted next. Her honesty and openness, and mine with her, along with her knowledge of nursing and other fields, allowed us to progress. She actively listens and responds to your personal situation with creativity and care. I highly recommend Phyllis for career exploration.

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