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About Linda Easthouse

Linda is a stress management coach, energy medicine professional, radionics master, and best-selling author. With nearly 15 years experience as a Natural Bioenergetics Professional, she helps people change their patterns so that they can meet their goals. Using therapies that restore the body, mind, and spirit, she assists people to take control of their stresses, establish healthy patterns, and gain control over their success and health. Many athletes and business owners seek her assistance to optimize their performance and outcomes.

Linda's journey in energy medicine began in 2002. “We had just moved to Canada from Peru. Both my children had suffered from chronic allergies to foods, pollen, molds, dusts, everything! They had developed asthma, and had endured ear/nose/throat infections for many years. An acquaintance at work offered to have a look at them after he heard they had been in emergency again, over the cottonwood trees. He said he did 'a little natural health therapy', just to help people.

We had already done all the diets, acupuncture, nutritional supplements and everything else we knew, but both kids were on two kinds of puffers and two antihistamines. It seemed so deceptively simple. Just a couple of sessions and they started getting better. Three months later, they were off the puffers. Six months later they were off the antihistamines. 

About three months in, I asked him to have a look at my allergies. I just had a few but wanted to feel what was happening and learn more about it. At the end of the session, he said, 'by the way your thyroid isn’t working.' I knew that, it had never worked. I had been on meds my whole life. He asked if I wanted it fixed! When I told him that Doctors had always told me it wasn’t fixable, he replied, 'We can see what your body wants to do with it.' Two sessions later, my thyroid clicked on like a switch and I was able to go off my meds. My blood tests are still perfect—better than they were on the meds.

At that point I was hooked. I asked him to teach me what he did. Of course, he said no but that I should go take one of the training courses. So in early 2003 I started the road to becoming a fully certified professional and Instructor of Health Kinesiology (now called Natural Bioenergetics). I have since added many more qualifications and tools as the field grows. It has been a long and satisfying journey. My work in Natural Bioenergetics is the most fulfilling, satisfying work I have ever done. Helping others be the best they can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually gives me purpose to keep pursuing higher training and greater experience."

Linda founded East House Natural Health and sees clients in online and in Mexico. She is the author of the best-seller Pushing the Reset Button: The busy professional’s guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love.  She teaches online and in western Canada. She has a Masters degree and many years of apprenticeship in the healing arts under a variety of teachers. Linda loves to help people be their best and optimize their patterns for health, success, and inner happiness. 

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