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About Mary Fusillo

Mary M. Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS is the founder and Executive Director of The Donor Solution.  As a Registered Nurse she began her career in the Infertility field as the Clinical Nursing Director at a Houston IVF center in 1999.  Mary was instrumental in starting the Donor Egg program and recruiting the first anonymous donors.  The program grew to have over 120 egg donors in 2004. With that experience, Mary was recruited to re-imagine one of the oldest donor programs in the U.S beginning in 1987.

Moving to the greater Washington, D.C. area, Mary become the Clinical Infertility Nursing Director at one of the oldest and most prestigious infertility clinics in the United States. With over 200 cycles of donor egg per year, managing donors and recipients while introducing new recruitment methods was a challenge. Growing their donor pool to over 300 egg donors and introducing the use of adult photos in profiles as well as assisting in the start-up of a donor embryo program and management of the PGD program was a challenge that was met with success.

Recruited by one of the largest Pharmacy Benefit Management companies to run their Donor Egg pharmacy program, she traveled all over the country, consulting large and small clinics on issues that effect egg donation nationwide. Seeing the many different ways each clinic managed their donors, their cycles and their clients laid the foundation for The Donor Solution.  She is a member of the Nurses Professional Group of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, a former National Board Member of RESOLVE, Inc., and current member of RESOLVE’s Nurse Advisory Council.  Mary is also a member of ESHRE, European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology.  She was the invited keynote speaker for the Para-professional group at the yearly meeting in Rome, Italy discussing her research on donor compensation and motivation.

 Her volunteer work in the field of infertility led her to found “Donor Moms, a network of support for mothers via egg donation” in the early 2000's which provided in-person support for women seeking counseling and friendship while in treatment for infertility and donor egg.

Drawing on her over 25 years as a Registered Nurse with positions in large tertiary care hospitals in Emergency Departments, Trauma Centers and Intensive Care units both as a clinician and a manager and director, these experiences gave her the tools to manage the ups and down's of the infertility diagnose and the heartache and pain of learning of the need for a 3rd party to assist in creating a family.  While the crisis of an Emergency Room is different from the crisis in the Infertility clinic, many women's long journey to motherhood is a crisis of identity, of womanhood and a test of self and resilience.

Her dream has always been to bring donors and recipients together in a professional and caring way. When The Donor Solution began 10 years ago, the dream was fulfilled and has assisted over 1000 couples and singles to become the parents they always dreamed of.  With college aged twins of her own, and her own struggles with infertility, Mary is uniquely qualified to help men and women with their own dreams of parenthood.

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