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10 years +


Mill Valley CA 94941 - United States



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Fitness Coach, Health Coach, Personal Development Coach, Personal Trainer, Speaker/Presenter

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Purposeful Work + Healthy Connections = Blissful Impact

About Sharon Demko

Sharon Demko, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, is a holistic wellness coach and professional trainer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with women all over the US to create healthy lifestyles on their terms. Her biggest hope is that we can all awaken and harness our unique strengths to create the lives we were meant to live. 



I’ve had an amazing career over the last 20 years that’s enabled me to leverage my best self to serve the companies and people I cared about most. Now, through my passion for holistic wellness and Co-Active® coaching practices, we can uncover your natural gifts that will inform your journey toward an authentic vocation - and shine your brightest light on the work and people closest to your heart.

Reflecting back, I can connect the dots to understand where my natural creativity, my desire to lead the way toward growth, and my draw toward authentic human connection and wholeness all found places to glow. My journey has made me well rounded - and as comfortable in a corporate setting as in a classroom or behind, or in front of, a camera.

My career moved organically from political speechwriter to photographer to creative marketer for a tech company in the boom years of the late 1990s, to mom of boys. Most recently, I spent 14 years on the founding team that built one of the first and largest luxury studio fitness franchises in the US. In my leadership role for The Bar Method, I was blessed to coach and train hundreds of teachers and studio owners in all aspects of developing their personal and professional mastery. I loved helping the women entrepreneurs I worked so closely with as they changed their careers to create richly connected fitness communities. 


I am a listener, a truth seeker, and champion for others. We act most passionately and most effectively on the tasks that are closest to our true being.

Do you know what you value?

Do you know what fulfills you?

Is it the same as when you were in grad school or on your wedding day - or as a new mom? 

Find what you stand for, for real, today. Then, even the most mundane tasks needed to get there will feel lifted by intention. Action rooted in purpose flows like a strong and steady athlete.

I am whole as I am. You are complete as you are. All my pieces are still here, inside, untouched by damaging experiences inflicted on me by others or by my own choices.

I shine when I am not striving. I am the most effective when I am resonant - listening and being with my clients.

Whether we are working on your physical or career wellness, together we can:

  • Mine for your values and a purpose statement that feels true to you today.
  • Name your natural gifts and honor your limitations.
  • Say yes to what places your attention on what you want to impact most.
  • Say no to what hijacks your attention and holds you back.
  • Seek to align all areas of your life – mental, physical and spiritual - around your truth and watch as you blossom into the empowered, blessed self you were made to be.

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