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Dating Coach, Family Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Relationship Coach

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"True love isn't found. It's Built. One Day. One Kiss. One Conversation at a Time." - Maggie Reyes

About Allison Carver

I’m a licensed therapist and I’m a chef. I believe cooking with your partner is the best way to solve the problems you are having in your relationship. Why? Because when you are cooking together you must communicate, problem solve, and work together toward a common goal. These are necessary to keep your relationship healthy. On top of that, cooking is relaxing. It can be a stress reliever to quiet your mind and focus only on the task at hand. When you are relaxed, you are more capable of fixing what is wrong. What I love most about cooking therapy is that it’s a fun and creative way to support couples in navigating the natural complexities of relationships.

At the end of a long tough day, you’ll find me in the kitchen. Cooking and baking to recharge and feel centered. When I’ve had a day where I feel as if I’ve spent the whole day spinning my wheels, I’ll make dinner for my family. I find peace in knowing that I’ve at least accomplished that. My husband and I also practice what I preach. We cook together all the time. We’ve found it’s the best way to catch up at the end of the day before we launch into getting our two little girls to bed. And if we have a problem? You’ll find us cooking it out in the kitchen.

I’m so fortunate that this passion has allowed me to create a business which helps others find therapy in cooking. I’m the proud owner of A Taste of Therapy, LLC (www.atasteoftherapy.com) and I’d love to cook up a solution with you! My recipes are also great for families, teams, and individuals. I’m also the published author of Cooking Therapy: The Recipe for Improving Communication With Your Children Through Cooking.

What kinds of problems does cooking therapy help? All the big ones. Communication. Intimacy. Money troubles. Lack of trust. You name it. I’ve found that no matter what problem you have, you cannot hide it in the kitchen. The good news though is that through cooking you can come up with a solution. I believe that when it comes to healthy relationships, you must have positive ways to communicate. It is very common for couples who have been together for a long period of time to actually communicate less. When that happens it opens the door for problems to arise. I want to change this, one recipe at a time.

I’m also trained as a Licensed Professional Counselor and I live and work in Virginia. I have extensive experience working with teens, adults, and couples who struggle with a variety of life stressors including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, communication challenges, self-esteem issues, marital conflict, divorce, and stress management. I’ve worked in many different settings and have enjoyed private practice the most as it allows me flexibility to work as well as spend quality time with my family.  

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing not only my recipes on Your Tango but also many other articles about relationships, being single, and navigating through it all.

If you are struggling with your relationship. Give something new a try. Cooking Therapy is here for you. 

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Allison Carver Success Stories

We had the best time! Our cooking class with Allison was such a creative way to have fun, try something different, and talk about the stuff we needed to talk about. My husband and I FINALLY took the time we needed to talk about our issues and we were able to come up with some solutions that we could use daily. It saved our marriage.  -C.P and N.P 

I met Allison, through a friend of mine that hosted A Taste of Therapy party at her home. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. From the very beginning, being able to sit and talk comfortably to taking the whole concept into the kitchen and making delicious pizzas, it was amazing! I highly recommend this for anyone (individuals, families, couples, and more)! It was one of the most relaxing and fun evenings that I have had in a long time!! Try it, you won’t be disappointed! ~DE

We are so thrilled with our experience with A Taste of Therapy and, specifically, Allison Carver. I contacted her to work with my 13-year old son to help him with anxiety and stress issues. We hadn’t had much luck with traditional therapy in the past, so working with Allison in a comfortable setting (our house) and doing something he likes to do (baking/cooking) was the perfect combination for him to relax and be receptive to her advice. She has the ideal approach with him, and he immediately started using the self-help techniques she taught him. We signed up for 4 sessions, but I wish she could come every week! We are very thankful for her easygoing manner and her unique ability to turn therapy into a fun learning session, in addition to her delicious recipes. Thanks Allison! ~SS

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