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About Mia Von Scha

I am a Transformational Parenting Coach. Despite the hundreds of clients around the world whose parenting experiences have been completely transformed through my breakthrough process, and despite being featured in many television, radio and magazine articles for my alternative approach to parenting and life, I can still remember the shock of my first child entering the world.

There I was, screaming newborn in my arms, terrified and utterly overwhelmed, with no idea what to do. I made my way across the hospital ward, leaving a trail of blood behind me, trying to keep the sheet wrapped around me without dropping my infant daughter on the cold sterile floor. As I made it to the bathroom and shut myself in that bright impersonal bathroom, I had my first thought about parenting: I wasn’t even an hour in and I was already failing.

From there I had a full descent into post natal depression, almost killing myself and my daughter in the process. Out of pure survival necessity, I did a lot of self-searching and studying and learning and absorbing every parenting book and course that I could find before realizing that what I truly needed was already within.

I made it my mission then to help other parents to navigate the murky waters of parenting and to find the light on the other side; to ensure that no parent would ever feel so alone, so helpless, so insecure in their ability to be the person that their child needs in the moment.

My passion now is in helping people to transform their perceptions so that they can become living inspirations for their children; to help parents to find that inner knowing and confidence to be the best version of themselves and to allow their children to flourish into the amazing beings that they are.

I work with parents one on one and through workshops and online courses to release the baggage of their own pasts and their traumatic childhood experiences. I help them to let go of whatever limiting beliefs may be holding them back in life, to let go of any guilt, and to be able to live with full presence in their parenting.

You already are the best parent for your child, you already hold within you the wisdom that will allow you to nourish your child’s brilliance, you are already enough. My job is to assist you in clearing away anything that stands between you and this knowing.

Besides being an international parenting coach, I am also an inspirational speaker, an author of inspirational children's books, a mother of two beautiful girls, a wife to a crazy and devoted partner, and a lover of life.

I live and work in the dynamic city of Johannesburg, South Africa and I coach parents from all over the world via Skype. I am trained both in traditional therapy, with a BA in Psychology and a certification in Trauma Counseling, and in various alternative therapies including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Stress Biofeedback, Time Paradigm Techniques and The Demartini Method. I use a combination of methods in my practice to effect instant and lasting change in my clients - the kind of change that completely transforms your life and has you living out your dreams. My aim is to empower you to go forward in your parenting without my  (or anyone else’s) help or advice; to have the confidence, resilience and tools that you need to face any challenges that come your way.

I love my work, I love my life, I love being a parent (even with its endless ups and downs), and I wish nothing less for you, my client. 

Welcome to my wonderful world!

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