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Parental love may come naturally, but parenting skills are LEARNED!

About Jody Johnston Pawel

Hi, I’m Jody Johnston Pawel. I’m a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Family Life Educator and one of only a few second-generation parent educators in the world. I’m also a top-rated speaker, parenting expert to the media, author of the award-winning book The Parent’s Toolshop®: The Universal Blueprint® for Building a Healthy Family, and the CEO of Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute, LLC.

My path to becoming a parenting expert started when I was eight-years-old and my parents asked me to help them make audio vignettes for their parenting classes. Without conscious intention, I was led to early professional experiences that brought me to speak to large groups of diverse parents. Once there, I kept listening to what parents wanted, finding solutions they could apply to their unique family’s needs, and sharing them through my writing and speaking.

My knack for collecting information, organizing it, synthesizing it down, and creating systems inadvertently led me to discover a proven plan any parent can use to find personalized solutions in any situation with each of their children. It’s called the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success System.

What sets me apart from other parenting professionals is this system, which is unlike anything other parenting programs or resources offer. It is holistic, integrating your logic, emotions, and intuition. So you can trust it to reliably lead you to the most effective response in any situation, that is totally customized to your child in that situation in that moment in time.

Once you learn, consistently use and master this system and its tools, you can adapt them to prevent and solve challenges in any relationship! Then you can feel more patient and less stressed, easily decide what to do in any situation, and respond in ways that deepen your relationships with children and adults.

Over the years, my expertise has been honored with remarkable and notable accolades, including awards, rave reviews from the media, excellent ratings for my speaking, and even Emmy nominations for the TV series I co-produced and served as the On-Air Parenting Expert. My advice has been featured in hundreds of radio, TV, print, and online resources that reach parents locally, nationally, and worldwide.

My parenting program has been the subject of many research studies, including a ten-year outcome evaluation study involving thousands of parents who learned the Universal Blueprint® system and found it improved their skills and had lasting results. In the fifteen years since that study, parents have continued to get consistently outstanding results.

Today, I have over thirty years of experience and have worked with over 50,000 parents worldwide, of diverse backgrounds and unique issues. I have also certified more than 100 Parents Toolshop® coaches and trainers worldwide and co-created many programs and resources that address the special issues some parents face, such as single parenting, foster parenting, Christian parents, and more!

What lights me up about my work is knowing that although I may be a parenting expert, YOU are the expert about your child. My ultimate goal is to empower you to think for yourself. So I write articles, such as those here at YourTango, which allow you to become more aware of why a challenge is happening and offer a starting point for what to do. Once you see the results you get in that challenge, you can choose to learn the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success System for yourself, to prevent and solve any parenting challenge, confidently and competently.

If you are tired of running out of options, over-reacting, falling back on old habits, quick fixes and the frustration of using trial and error, you’ve come to the right place. If you are a proactive, conscious parent, or want to be more of one, I’m passionately committed to supporting you in transforming your good intentions into great results. Seeing you grow and blossom are the emotional paychecks that keep me going.

I invite you to check out my programs and resources, to get to know me better and preview the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success System for yourself, to see if it might be an approach you resonate with, to help you achieve your parenting goals. Go to: www.ParentsToolshop.com/resources.

Jody Johnston Pawel Success Stories

Jody’s method is different

Jody’s approach is so refreshing! A lot of parenting advice seems to consists of a lecture about what you are doing wrong and then instructions on how to do it “their” way. Jody’s method is different. She shares proven methods for achieving your parenting goals and provides concrete example of language and phrases that work with any parenting styles and give real results. She seems to understand what many other experts miss - that you shouldn’t ever have to choose between effective parenting and kind, respectful parenting. Thank you Jody for giving me tools that I can feel good about using! --- Nicole Eatough

All the information is in one Universal Blueprint®

I can not tell you how blessed I am from Parents Toolshop® resources, applications, presentation, and materials. No matter the issues I felt were unique to my child, there seem to be an answer to the problem. These simple steps to building a family blueprint for MY family apply. The more I do it, the easier it gets. It is not just about making life easier for me as a parent, it is all about raising my children in a healthy way despite how I may have been raise or how the rest of the world says I need to be. Jody does not give her opinion. She has already tapped into so many resources. I do not have to read a thousand other books. All the information is in one 'Universal Blueprint®'. --- Dawn Warren

No Time for Parenting Classes? Follow this!

Whether you are trying to get your toddler dressed for school in the morning, trying to get your 10-year-old to stop fighting with a sibling, or resolving the conflict over phone use with your teenager, the way you plan a response to each of these parenting problems is the same—the Universal Blueprint®. Hectic schedules mean many parents don’t have the time to take a parenting class, but now there is a process any parent can follow at any time. The Parent's Toolshop® leads parents through a self-paced parenting workshop that teaches a reliable problem-solving formula and dozens of practical techniques. Over 2,000 parents tested this process and found it improved all their relationships. The book details the experiences of dozens of parents (including the author) who successfully use the blueprint. When parents face a problem, the blueprint leads them to the best response by asking the right questions. --- Brooklyn Family, October 2000 issue (readership of 3,785,000)

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