Communication Problems

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6-10 years


Cleveland OH 44117-1837 - United States



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Marriage Educator, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Being skillful with knowing the character of a partner and choosing someone who is respectful, truthful, courteous, and more is the most important factor in relationship (and marriage) success. Of course it also helps to be able to laugh together frequently too!

About Susanne Alexander

Do you want to know what your character and relationships strengths are? The strengths your partner or spouse has? How you can know one another well enough to be confident about marrying? How you can strengthen your marriage bond? These are my specialties. Marriage preparation is a passion of mine, and a key step in having a happy, lasting marriage and preventing divorce. Please see http://www.allinonemarriageprep.com.

As a leading authority on couples and character, I’m especially passionate about helping people understand what it looks like to be honest, faithful, patient, respectful, thoughtful, trustworthy, and more in relationships. Character strengths are the foundation for your marital success. Some details are at http://www.marriagetransformation.com.

I’m also well-known for including cartoons in my books, and I’m the author of the only cartoon book on marriage on the market (A Perfectly Funny Marriage). Come visit my specialty website, http://www.funnymarriage.com and find out how laughter can benefit your relationship. Please post your own contributions too!

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