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Man's Wife Terminates Her Pregnancy After Learning Of His Affair

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Having an extramarital affair can be the biggest mistake a man will ever make. He shatters the trust his wife once had for him and sometimes, they never recover from the betrayal.

When a woman is pregnant, the stress and anxiety from her husband's misdeeds can leave her with a troubling decision to make about the future of their family. 

One man who found himself in this situation took to the r/relationshipadvice subreddit to tell his story of extreme regret. Later shared to the Reddit Stories TikTok account, things seem to have started off on a happy note — he claimed his wife was the "most important thing" in his life, but the story that follows suggests otherwise.

A moment of infidelity changed their lives forever.

According to her husband, marital problems started about four months into his wife's pregnancy. While she was dealing with morning sickness and mood swings, he was feeling sorry for himself, and subconsciously seeking something less difficult to deal with outside of the marriage. 

Things came to a head when the man's company hosted a teambuilding dinner with a well-used open bar. At the end of the night, the party continued at a colleague's house. One thing led to another and he ended up sleeping with his 28-year-old coworker, a woman named Lucy. In a decision he termed, "the biggest mistake of my life," he professed his love for his wife and urged Lucy to pretend it didn't happen. 



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The man's pregnant wife overcame her illness and things were going great until the truth came knocking. 

Lucy decided to reach out to his wife and let her know what had transpired. He was confronted and confessed before begging his spouse for forgiveness, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. She didn't want to hear anything he had to say, asking for time to process what had happened. 

He thought nothing of it when she went to work the following day and hoped that after considering his apology, she would forgive him. But she never returned home. He became more and more concerned when all of his calls went unanswered, but an hour before he posted his story, his wife's best friend dropped her off at home and left without offering any explanation. 

When he talked to his wife he found out that she was no longer interested in being part of the marriage. 

She told him to find a place to stay while they went through the divorce process. Distraught, he wanted to know what would become of the child they were expecting, but he wasn't prepared for her response. 

"She said that she [would] give me the address of the hospital she went to so that I can get it (the fetus)," he relayed. He admitted that his wife had never even wanted kids, but had agreed to get pregnant at his request. 

With divorce looming, he turned to Reddit for answers about how to right his wrong and reconcile with his wife.

Commenters had a candid view of his situation, and it wasn't in his favor. Most people felt he had tried to trap his wife with a baby, then once he thought she was stuck, he cheated on her.

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Pregnancy can be difficult and the choice of whether to see it through is entirely up to a woman.

Most people agreed that the woman made the best decision for herself. They suspected that his emotional abuse would inevitably escalate, and her decision to terminate the pregnancy was totally justified based on his actions. 

It's important to note, however, that making impulsive decisions about major life events can be detrimental to your mental health, and in this case, it would have served her well to talk it out with a therapist. Good Therapy explains that making impulsive decisions in a highly emotional state can be harmful because the intensity of the situation can influence your decision in a way that might not be true to what you actually want. Ultimately, however, the choice is hers despite it's controversial nature.

An overwhelming majority of people, 62% in the United States, believe that abortion should be legal in most cases. The divide typically concerns the reason for the abortion and whether it's performed during the first trimester of pregnancy or later on.

But in the end, every woman has an absolute right to decide what they want to do with their own body. Whether there is a medical reason for the abortion, a pregnancy that resulted from a sexual assault, a desire to move on from an abusive partner, or a realization that you're simply not ready to parent, the choice is entirely yours and whatever you decide is the right choice.

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