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Woman Wonders If She’s Wrong For Telling Boyfriend He’s ‘Cheap’ Because Of Valentine’s Day Gift He Made

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Woman upset while boyfriend gives her flowers

A 31-year-old woman went to Reddit asking if she was in the wrong when she implied to her boyfriend that he was cheap for getting her a homemade picture frame.

The subreddit “AITA,” or “Am I the A**hole,” exists to allow users an opportunity to receive an outside opinion on a conflict they’ve been involved in.

Together, the users on the subreddit discuss and vote who in the situation was “the a**hole.”

She asked if she is wrong for thinking a homemade picture frame is a 'cheap' Valentine’s Day gift.

In her post, the girlfriend opens by explaining some context of their relationship before getting into their current conflict.

She explains that her boyfriend is a single dad, then writes, “For Vdays, Bdays and every other celebration, he'd gift me mostly jewelry and I get him his favorite gadgets or sports gear. He has a decent job with decent income and is into woodworking as a hobby.”

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The girlfriend therefore expected a similar Valentine’s Day this year.

She bought him sneakers, but when she found out her Valentine’s Day present was a homemade wooden picture frame made by him and his kids, she “wasn't thrilled with it.”

Inside the homemade picture frame was a picture of her with him and his two sons.

She claimed that she didn’t want to open her mouth about it, but he “pushed” her.

They had different ideas of what makes a good gift.

He was shocked by her disappointment in the gift, and her defense was that he had money to get her a “$200 necklace at least,” which she wanted to wear to an engagement party.

He said her reaction was out of line, and he explained the work that him and his kids had put into this gift.

He said that it showed how him and the kids thought of her as part of their family and that she “should be appreciative of that.”

To this, she argued that she did appreciate it, but she “still thought he could've added the necklace as a great combo.”

But this only made him more upset and said that he could not understand how a necklace was as or more important to her than a meaningful gift from him and his kids.

At this point, they only went back and forth on the argument, and the girlfriend said “breakfast got ruined. He went upstairs and refused to speak to me.”

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She closed out her post self-assured, saying that “he blew this out of propotion since he asked for my opinion, and I don't know if he has the right to be upset with me now.”

The comments did not agree with her in the slightest.

All of the most popular comments firmly believe that the girlfriend is being shallow in this situation and that she is “the a**hole.”

Many of the comments poke fun at how important getting a necklace seems to her, despite supposedly getting jewelry for just about every celebration.

Several comments make jokes at possible reasons she’d need so many necklaces, theorizing that she could be anything between a giraffe, a hydra, and a professional Mr. T impersonator.

Some, however, took the situation as a serious opportunity to look at shallowness of what she finds as valuable when her boyfriend and his family made her a special gift that took a lot of work.

Other commentors stressed the value of the love behind the gift, beyond simply the time of labor and cost of woodworking.

Many of them felt that this homemade picture frame was a symbolic “welcome to the family” gift and that the girlfriend proved just how undeserving she was with her reaction.

At the end of the day, they have not yet posted an update on the status of their argument, but perhaps the girlfriend will take Reddit’s advice and accept that more affordable gift along with the value of love that comes with it.

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