Woman Rates The Bereavement Food People Brought Over When Her Dad Passed— ‘Store Bought Potato Salad Was Disrespectful To The Dead’

There's no one right way to mourn, and sometimes, laughter is the path towards healing.

Lauré on TikTok, tray of chicken, tray of salad @laurecomedy / TikTok

A woman who recently lost her father shared the various ways she processed her grief. Lauré, who is a stand-up comedian by trade, revealed that sometimes, the best way to manage the loss of a loved one is to laugh.

Lauré rated the bereavement food people brought over when her dad passed away, showing her gratitude along with her sense of humor.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, Lauré filmed the various trays of food that people gave her in the aftermath of her father’s death, then posted her review of the meals on TikTok. She shared footage of a tinfoil tray marked with the label, “Chicken,” commenting as she lifted the cover, “Starting off crazy, boo! Somebody in my house called this ‘tonsil stone chicken,’ which is absolutely insane. Thank you, but don’t do that again.” 


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“Can’t rate, did not eat,” read the script overlaid on the tray of chicken.

“We had the baked ziti, very good, it had the meat sauce, and then they added pepperoni. I never had it like that, but I’d have it again,” Lauré said, giving that meal a rating of 8 out of 10.

Next, she showed a tray of an “Alfredo chicken bacon situation,” which Lauré exclaimed, “It was not Alfredo-ing in the way in which I am used to the Alfredo Freddo-ing, but, appreciate the effort, for sure.” She rated that dish a 5 out of 10.


“We got some barbecue chicken here,” she said, showing off another plate of food. “It tasted a lot better than it looked. The ribs, smacking. This was store-bought potato salad, a little disrespectful to the dead, not gonna lie.”

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Lauré’s ability to find humor in a moment of grief emphasizes her strength of spirit and the importance of laughing through pain.  

She filmed Ziploc-bags full of pulled chicken and pulled pork, stating, the “pork was nice and spicy. That’s how I like it, baby.”   

“Here goes a little bit of salad,” Lauré shared. “I mean, it’s really the works, right? I don’t eat a lot of these ingredients on here, but just the presentation — beautiful. 10 out of 10.”


She ended her post by filming another person eating the “pudding pot pie,” which she exclaimed, “It was absolutely hitting.”

In another TikTok, Lauré directly addressed her dad’s passing and how she chose humor as a way of navigating his loss.

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“I didn’t know how I was gonna, like, talk about this, but, this is how,” she said. “So, why did my little cousin just follow me from her, like, Finsta account. The username on the account is, ‘It’s me b–--h,’ and the profile picture is my daddy.”



Lauré bursted out laughing, proving the power of grief humor. Her laughter doesn’t negate her loss, or the depths of sadness she’s most likely experiencing. Rather, it shows that there are many ways to mourn.


Part of celebrating someone’s life after they leave this earth is to revel in the joys they brought, not just exist inside the painful parts. In moments of hardship, we can find healing in dark humor, as Lauré certainly proves to be true.   

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