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Woman Seeks Advice After Finding 'Flirtatious' Texts Her Husband Sent To Female Co-Worker He's Never Even Met

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Marriages are no walk in the park, but what makes it even more challenging is the trust you have to put into your partner.

One woman wasn’t satisfied and decided to look through her husband’s messages only to find something she wished she hadn’t.

Her findings led her to the website Mums Net, so she could share her story on the forum “Am I Being Unreasonable?” 

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She found flirty messages on her husband's phone sent to his coworker, even though they'd never met.

The post began with the woman revealing that she had snooped on her husband’s phone.

“I know I shouldn't have snooped but something was niggling at me.”

Unfortunately, if you go looking for something you will eventually find it. In her case, it was a thread of messages.

“I found WhatsApp messages the other day between him and a ‘colleague.’" 

“They both work remotely but for the same company so I don't think they've ever actually met [in real life].”

Even though they never met in person, it didn’t stop her husband from making advances toward his coworker. 

“He was being overly flirtatious and complimentary towards her.”

Then she pointed out even more suspicious behavior regarding the text message thread.

“It looks like a lot of previous messages have been deleted so I think they have been chatting for a long time.”

“A lot of it was work stuff,” she continued.

“She's about 10 years younger than him from what I can see and most of the time brushes off what he's saying or brings it back to work chat.”

If the young woman had accepted his flirtations, he might have even had a full-blown affair.

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She found out that her husband was having a one-sided emotional affair with a younger woman that he worked with. 

When she checked the messages, she saw some troubling words that her husband had shared with the young coworker. 

“He told her that she is perfect and "I would love to be with someone like you." and "You are everything I have ever wanted." 

She was extremely disappointed when she saw the messages, but she didn’t know how to react.

“These messages were sent late at night and she didn't respond.”

“The next day he messaged her at 7am asking if she was annoyed at him.”

She was hurt by the thought of her husband cheating, even though she had supported him for years throughout their relationship.

“We've been together for years and have a 1-year-old,” she writes. “I'm the main breadwinner and have supported him through a lot of issues.”

When it comes to cheating, it has more to do with the person actually cheating than the person being cheated on.

That's why it was sad to see her reaction to her husband's betrayal. 

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Many users online advised that if the husband had the chance to start a physical affair, he would take it. 

“I'm not sure if it's classed as an emotional affair because she didn't reciprocate. For me though, I wouldn't be able to get past those words. He's happy to tell this woman she's someone he wishes he was with.....what an utter betrayal.”

Another user mentioned that her husband sounded like “that married office creep sex pest who says really inappropriate things to his female much younger colleagues.” 

Then they mentioned that every office space has one.

“He's testing the water with her and it sounds like she's not interested,” wrote a third.

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