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Woman Uninvites ‘Picky Eater’ Mother-In-Law From Thanksgiving But Her Husband Says She’s ‘Ruining’ The Day

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Thanksgiving turkey with family

Thanksgiving brings families together to share a meal and gratitude for each other, but the holiday comes with its stressors, as one Reddit user has discovered.

Posting on the subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA), a woman asked for advice regarding her mother-in-law’s wish to bring her own meal to the Thanksgiving table.

She’s excited to share her cooking with her family and that her husband “has been supportive and helpful through all the planning and prepwork.”

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She’s been getting ready for the Thanksgiving meal for months.

To prepare, she's been planning a menu and trying out recipes, only to find out that her mother-in-law doesn’t want to eat what she’s making.

Upon this discovery, she told her mother-in-law to stay home from the holiday, where she can eat whatever she wants on her own.

The menu she planned is extensive — it includes traditional dishes like roasted turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole, along with unique dishes like braised short ribs and lasagna with white sauce.

She claims that there must be some food on the menu her mother-in-law could eat if she simply tried it.

She asked if she was being rude for disinviting her mother-in-law from the family celebration she was hosting.

While her husband explained that his mother is a “grade A picky eater” who won’t like any of the prepared food, she feels that her mother-in-law is being rude by not sharing the meal everyone else will eat.

She believes her mother-in-law's behavior is disrespectful to the time, money, and effort she’s put into the festive feast.

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She wondered if she was an a--hole for disinviting her mother-in-law from Thanksgiving dinner.

Some users said yes, she is the a–-hole, as her mother-in-law clearly has dietary restrictions, or even an eating disorder, and shouldn’t be left out for those reasons.

They said she was being petty, passive-aggressive, and insensitive for telling her MIL not to come over.

One user even said she was “weaponizing special needs to humiliate people.”

Others on the thread pointed out that while her mother-in-law is in the wrong, she should kill her with kindness.

They suggested she welcome her mother-in-law to the table even with her specialized meal.

Some even said that while she should let her mother-in-law attend, she should also emphasize how good all the food she’s cooked is, and tell her guests to do so, too, which is an undeniably petty way to respond.

While her meal sounds delicious, disinviting someone because they don’t want to eat it, is immature behavior.

She just might be the a-–hole for disregarding her mother-in-law's needs, but her mother-in-law also might be the a–-hole, for not explaining her dietary needs in a way her family understands.

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