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Woman Asks For Advice After Catching Her Boyfriend Drinking With Friends While Babysitting Her Son

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Mom with toddler son

Nothing plagues the minds of parents like worry for their children. A lot of parents are wracked with anxiety over their children even when they are with them.

There are always a lot of unknown variables in the world and parents worry about how every single one of them might affect their children.

Parents have enough to worry about when they are with their children, let alone when they have to leave them.

It takes a mountain of trust for a parent to leave their child with someone else.

For one mom, that trust was broken by her own boyfriend and now she doesn't know how to react.

The mother found out her boyfriend was drinking while babysitting her son.

In a post to the subreddit r/AmITheAsshole, the mom asked whether she was in the wrong for being upset with her boyfriend because of his behavior.

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The original poster (OP) explained that she was the 24-year-old mother of a 4-year-old son.

She says that the child’s father hasn’t been in the picture for years but that she currently has a 25-year-old boyfriend.

The OP initially explains that her son and boyfriend have a good relationship, saying, “he has a great bond with my son, I have never left them alone by themselves for longer than 20 minutes.”

So, when the OP had to attend her sister’s bachelorette party and needed someone to watch her son and her boyfriend offered to step up and watch him, she decided to take the leap and trust him to watch her child.

Even while she was at the bachelorette party, her child was on the mother’s mind and so she called her boyfriend to check up on them and see how things were going.

But she became worried when her boyfriend wasn’t answering his phone.

The OP tried to reach her boyfriend multiple times, saying, “I called my boyfriend to check up on how he was going but he wasn’t answering his phone. I texted and called him multiple times with no reply.”

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Obviously, the mother found this extremely distressing and no doubt she had all of the worst-case scenarios running through her mind. She decided that she had to head home to find out what was going on.

Leaving the party hours early, the OP arrived home only to find her boyfriend hanging out with his friends with alcohol everywhere. Thankfully, her son was asleep already, but the OP was certainly not happy with her boyfriend.

The mother had the restraint to wait for her boyfriend’s friends to leave before confronting him.

When she did she did not receive any sort of apology or any indication that he regretted his decisions.

The OP summarized her boyfriend’s response, saying, “Now he’s claiming that I’m creating unnecessary drama, I’m ungrateful and I should be thanking him not biting his head off.”

The general consensus is that the OP is not the asshole in this situation. It was more than reasonable that her boyfriend should have told her his intention to have his friends over at some point and definitely shouldn’t have been drinking on the job.

One commenter wrote their thoughts on the situation, “NTA. He shouldn't have offered to babysit if he wasn't prepared to actually be responsible about it.”

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