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Woman Begs Parents To Take Their Kids To The Dentist After She Receives A $21K Bill To Fix Her Teeth

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Although most of us may not enjoy the experience, one woman is stressing the importance of staying on top of your dental health and going to yearly appointments after suffering severe dental complications. 

She claims that the complications — and the expenses — all could have been avoided had her parents taken her to the dentist throughout her childhood. 

The woman received a $21,000 bill to repair her decaying teeth after years of dental neglect. 

Brittney Leder from Ormond Beach, Florida is urging parents to take their children to the dentist as soon as they grow teeth so that they will not suffer the same physical pain and financial stress she is currently enduring. 

“If you’re a parent, please take your kids to the [expletive] dentist so they don’t end up like me,” Leder said in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 2 million times. 



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In the video, Leder revealed that she recently went back to the dentist for the first time in a decade after suffering numerous dental problems. At the appointment, she was told that her teeth were decaying so badly, they would have to remove nearly every one of them. 

Leder was also given a hefty estimated bill to fix just her top set of teeth, which was a whopping $21,000. 

Another treatment option she was offered was significantly cheaper but still totaled a little under $12,000. “I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t make a lot of money,” Leder admitted. “I have to get this financed, and even then, I’m not sure how I’m gonna pay it off.” 

She left viewers with an important PSA: “Please teach your kids proper dental hygiene. Take them to the dentist. I know it’s expensive, but my parents never did it for me, and hopefully, you want better.”

Other people related to Leder’s painful predicament. 

“Girl same! Thank you for speaking on this, as a 22-year-old with dentures since my parents neglected my teeth, I feel you and empathize with you,” one TikTok user commented. “My first time at the dentist was at 22. I got 12 fillings. I now have braces and getting implants. I suffered from bullying and insecurities growing up,” another user revealed. 

Others encouraged Leder to seek a second opinion to hopefully obtain a lower price estimate. 

“Get a second opinion!! Also maybe try going to a dental school to see if they can do it. It will be a lot cheaper. Or go to a different dentist and try a payment plan,” one user suggested. “For less than that you can go on a trip to a different country, get it done, and have a vacation,” another user noted. 

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While dental hygiene and keeping up with yearly appointments are important, it is also worth noting that many families cannot afford dental care for their children. 

This is because, in most cases, dental care is not covered by medical insurance (as if our teeth are not a part of our bodies and do not require care and examination). 

Unlike yearly doctor visits that are typically taken care of by health insurance, dentist appointments are left out of the equation. Even if families are experiencing dental problems, an estimated 36% of them refuse to visit a dentist’s office due to the high costs of treatment. 

While each dental practice's policies vary, you’ll usually have to pay an average of $125 just to have your teeth cleaned.And the cost of dental services in the U.S. is continuing to rise. As of right now, Americans are spending over $50 billion annually on dental services. 

The expenses have become so much for families to bear that some of them have opted to seek dental care in other countries.

Nations including Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand are reported to offer high-quality and cost-effective dental care to patients. For example, border towns in Nothern Mexico only charge around $425 for a new tooth crown, while the U.S. charges up to $1,200. 

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Over the last two decades, Americans have saved up to 75% on dental services by traveling to Mexico to have it done. And while the notion of, what's been coined, "dental tourism," has grown in popularity due to the rising costs of domestic dentistry, it comes with its own set of risks that should not be taken lightly.

From infections to botched procedures, repairs can end up costing patients looking to save some money, much more in the long run.

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Leder has launched a GoFundMe page to collect donations that will help her cover her dental expenses. 

“I am currently unemployed and job searching but have had no luck, only doing side gigs to cover bills which left no wiggle room for insurance,” she shared. “But if you are willing to help it would mean the absolute world to me. I just want to be able to smile confidently for once in my life.” 

So far, $265 of her $12,000 goal has been raised. To help Leder obtain her beautiful smile, consider donating to her page.

And while you're at it, make that dentist appointment you've put off for too long. It could save you pain and financial hardship.

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