Video Of 4 Sisters Cutting Bangs Is The Perfect Example Of The Sibling Birth Order In Action

The video was instantly recognizable to virtually anyone who grew up with siblings.

screenshots from tiktok of four sisters cutting bangs @palmview956oficial / TikTok

Typically, a video goes viral because it's either hilarious or horrifying, but every now and then something goes mega-viral because it's instantly recognizable to almost everyone who watches it. 

Such was the case of a recent viral video in which four young sisters navigated a huge mistake involving hair and scissors. The video was funny, sure. But it also showed something immediately familiar and maybe even universal for anyone who grew up with siblings.


The video of four sisters cutting bangs is a perfect example of how sibling birth order tends to work in families.

If you were anywhere near the internet over the weekend, you likely saw it — a video of a tween girl named Valentina Zamarripa having a typical discussion with her followers about her outfit and skincare routine that almost immediately went sideways in several hilarious ways. 

Just seconds into the video, Valentina is interrupted by her younger sister asking for a pair of scissors — the moment when anyone watching who grew up with siblings knew something was about to go sideways. Sure enough, moments later a shriek rings out, and younger sister Camellia comes back into the room with a huge chunk of her hair missing. 


What quickly ensues is an almost farcically hilarious ploy among the Zamarripa sisters to fix Camellia's hair but even more importantly to keep their mother from finding out what's going on. The former was relatively successful, and Camellia got a great new look for the school photos the next day.



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But in the case of the latter endeavor? Well, let's just say Mrs. Zamarripa was on to them from the jump, as mothers always are! 


Psychologists have identified sibling birth order as having a very real impact on kids' personalities and sibling relationships.

The video perfectly illustrates how this works. Each sister played a role in the debacle according to their sibling birth order. From the admonishment to "be careful" with the scissors and immediately taking charge by Googling how to cut bangs, to the quiet, cautious instruction to "close my door now," Valentina slipped seamlessly into the role of the oldest sister. 

Psychologists studying the matter have found that taking charge and being the boss — and sometimes even being a bit on the meaner side — is typical of first-born siblings, who tend to be driven and domineering and also a bit anxious because of the extra responsibility that lands on their shoulders.

Then of course there's the middle sister Magdalena who cut Camellia's bangs—the classic middle child stirring the pot! We've all heard of "middle child syndrome," the kid who feels like they're in their older and younger siblings' shadows and feels the need to compete with them. Can you think of a better way to try to assert your dominance over a younger sibling than by lopping off her bangs — and then ratting your older sister out as the one at fault? Take that, Camellia and Valentina!


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As for Camellia herself? Well as one of the babies of the Zamarripa family, she definitely fits the mold of a youngest child, who are often known for being the funniest, attention-seeking and a little bit rebellious — and Camellia definitely has that appetite for mischief.

Another video of her that went viral over the weekend is a perfect example — she goes from complimenting her mom's outfit to calling her out for wearing shapewear on a dime, and it left youngest children all over the internet howling with laughter over the weekend.

And as for the baby of the family? Well, having to be bribed with a cookie to not tattle to mom and dad about the bangs mishap is pretty classic baby-of-the-family stuff. The "please don't tell mom" negotiations are such a classic part of childhood that it's become a well-known internet meme in and of itself, after all.


The video speaks to all the universal experiences of growing up with siblings.

The ways we drive each other crazy, the ways we are enemies one minute and best of friends the next, and especially the way those rivalries evaporate the minute we need to unite to keep from catching our parents' wrath.


There's nothing quite like the bonds that form among siblings engaging in the team sport of subterfuge. These are the kinds of things that turn into lifelong bonds and inside jokes that last well into adulthood, and it seems like the Zamarripa sisters are likely to be thick as thieves for the rest of their lives — well, as long as they can keep playing that baby sister with cookies, that is!

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