Two Men Looking For A Roommate Say They Will Not Allow Female Overnight Guests Or MAGA Hats — And Get Quite A Bit Of Feedback

They have the right to live with whoever they want, but they could have gone about it differently.

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Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, up by Pensacola, a couple of men named Jon and Joe are searching for a new roommate after their previous one moved out — but they have some interesting restrictions in mind.

Written in Comic Sans and offering an impressive-looking home to share, the rent sits at a reasonable price of $520 a month and offers more than most, but that’s only if you meet their demands.


The house share is anti-MAGA hats and ‘male only,’ which means no female overnight guests.

“Sorry…since this [is] a male-only house share we are not able to accommodate any female overnight guests,” they write on the inside of what looks like a brochure advertising their room.

Right under this clarification, rests another restriction, saying “We’re also not able to share the house with any MAGA hat wearers. If you own a MAGA hat, this would not be the house share for you,” alongside a photo of a MAGA hat on fire.

discriminatory brochure for rentPhoto: Facebook


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They made their restrictions and ideals for their new roommate very clear, and when photos of the brochure were posted online, commenters let them have it.

“[Closed-minded] and no female overnight guests. Sounds like a fun place!!” one commenter wrote. Someone else simply stated, “Gross,” but the majority of responses came from right-leaning folks.

Their argument is that the left boasts “inclusivity for all,” except when it comes to people who don’t agree with their views.

Political posturing aside, some people called into question the legality of being able to discriminate against political views.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing because of sex (which includes gender identity and sexual orientation), but not political affiliation.


Regardless of that, the Fair Housing Act does not cover all forms of housing. The Act exempts single-family houses sold or rented by the owner without the use of an agent. This house in Navarre is included in that, therefore, they can make the rules however they want.

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People are allowed to live with whoever they want without creating an even bigger divide.

When it comes to your living situation, all parties involved should be within their ideal scenario. When it comes to disagreements, assigning chores, making decisions on the home/apartment, or anything that comes with ownership of property, it’s important to have everyone on the same page.

Jon and Joe left an assortment of emojis that would lead people to assume they are in fact a couple and/or support gay rights. As such, people believed that they would be more inclusive to others, but the reality is that maybe they just want more like-minded folks living with them.


discriminatory brochure for rentPhoto: Facebook

They’re not able to accommodate any female overnight guests, but they didn’t say anything about male overnights. Having another gay man who leans left move in would probably make things easier when it comes to having everyone on the same page.

On the flip side, however, they could have included better language or omitted some things to stop themselves from creating a larger divide. For instance, they probably could have done without burning a MAGA hat while maintaining that they were left-leaning.


The reality is, most people would opt to live with people who share similar interests — if not, that’s totally okay too! However, this clarification in ideals can be made without being inflammatory and aggressive.

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