Men Are Trying To Prove They Trust Their Wives With A Belt Challenge — And It's Not Going Well For All Of Them

Don't try this challenge at home unless you trust your wife and are prepared to risk minor injury!

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There’s a new “trend” — read: “challenge” — going around that pits women against the forces of gravity, physics, and geometry all while their husbands sit on a chair or a stool, none the wiser in the hopes that their trust not be broken by their partner in marriage.

This new trend floating around on TikTok, dubbed the “Trust My Wife,” claims to be an exercise in trust — but it’s really one of faith — seeing as a failed attempt at succeeding could cost men a world of pain.


TikTok's ‘Trust My Wife’ challenge is about trusting your wife to hit a cup off your head with a belt.

The original clip comes from a couple already set up to complete the challenge. The man sits in a chair with a large, plastic soda cup on his head while his wife stands behind him with a belt. She does a small backswing and propels the belt forward, knocking the cup off of his head with confidence. The man stands up and gets closer to the camera, saying “I trust my wife,” and thus, the challenge was born.



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The Tolers were up next to try the challenge, stitching the original video before theirs, but Blaine Toler is a little taller — plus, the stool he was sitting on brought him higher as well. The cup was about the same size, but as all of the other factors worked against him, he prepped for the oncoming disaster by saying the magic words “I trust my wife” — the signal that Courtney should swing.

She missed.

Whether it was because she didn’t do a good enough backswing like the woman in the original video, or because the cup was just a little too high, Courtney ended up slamming the belt into her husband’s face, showing that maybe he shouldn’t have trusted her.



Next up, a couple whose nicknames are Bri and E, saw Bri’s belt nearly breaking the sound barrier just over the cup on E’s head — a failure, but maybe a success in securing E’s new lease on life. E’s soul appears to have left his body as Bri laughs it off and stops her phone from recording any more footage that could be used as evidence.


Scotty, the only success other than the original in this story, prayed to the heavens above that his wife would land the hit on the cup resting atop his head and not his face — and his prayers were answered. As their kids laughed in the background, Scotty went “Oooh [expletive]” as the relief left his body.



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In some ways, the trust in their wives was well-placed even if some of them failed the challenge.

Even if some of the women failed to knock the cup off of their husbands’ heads, that doesn’t mean they betrayed their trust. The trust that was being placed in their partners was to allow them to do the challenge in the first place.


These men know that, had everything been under their wives’ control, they would never do anything to hurt them — and that’s enough. Look at it this way: if your partner asked you to try this challenge and you said no, why would that be? (Disclaimer: attempting this at home could put your safety at risk!)

It’s an impressive move, one that I’m sure many would fail to complete, but these men trusted that their wives would do everything in their power to not hurt them. Unfortunately for some of them, that means a leather belt slamming into their face (sorry Blaine).

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