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3rd Grade Teacher's Lesson On Fairness Using Band-Aids Should Be Required For Adults Too

Photo: aimeesedventures / TikTok
Aimee TikTok

Who knew one of the most important learning tools elementary schools need is a box of band-aids?

Third grade elementary teacher Aimee, also known as aimeesedventures on TikTok, started trending when she posted a video about teaching children the importance of fairness by using bandaids.

The teacher posted a video to TikTok on August 16th about how she choose to teach fairness to her students through the use of a simple medical band-aid. 

We all need this teacher's viral video lesson on fairness using bandaids.

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She explained in the video that she asks her students on the first day of school if they have ever scraped their elbow.

As we all know, little kids often hurt themselves by accident, often falling down on the pavement while playing outside and scraping their elbow, and like Aimee had assumed all of the children raised their hands. 

She then picks a band-aid and calls on one student to tell the class of the story about how they hurt their elbow, and then she puts the band-aid on their elbow.

She then asks whoever bumped their head and more hands raise. Like before, one student tells their story and she says that she's sorry they hurt their head, here's a band aid for your elbow. 

Then, she said, the kids will often be confused after she says this as the other kid hit their head but she's giving them a band aid for their elbow.

She does the same thing after asking if anyone has scraped their knee.

She said after this point she explains to the children, "even though I gave everyone the exact same thing in the exact same way it wasn't helpful to them, and in conclusion, fair doesn't mean everyone gets the same thing, fair means that everyone gets what they need to be successful."

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Aimee simplifies fairness for children to understand.

Her teaching method is a basic but brilliant way for kids to register in their mind how fairness works. 

She said that now her students are more understanding towards kids who have diabetes and need an extra snack to raise their blood sugar levels, or when their freinds with autism need noise cancelling headphones, and when their friends with ADHD need a fidget spinner.

The video now has 3.9 million views on TikTok and over 2 million views on facebook with 50 thousand likes.

In another explainer video, Aimee explains that her band-aid fairness lesson was about equity, as "not fair" terminology is used when kids don't have a good grasp of that concept.

Therefore, when they said something is "not fair" she responds to them "band-aid" and then they remember the lesson. 

Aimee now has almost 25 thousand followered on TikTok and continues to post helpful teaching videos that parents and other teachers can use to succeed in helping their kids learn new things. 

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