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A Man's Pregnant Wife Moves Out After He Insists She Join In His Birthday Celebration — 'You Don't Care About Our Family'

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For first-time expectant parents, there is almost a guarantee that they will be overzealous with the preparations for the child’s arrival.

That's why it's so hard to believe that a soon-to-be dad, who claimed to be so excited about the arrival of his first child, would try to guilt his wife into putting their baby at risk for the sake of celebrating his birthday.

A pregnant woman moved out of her home after her husband pressured her to drink at his birthday party.

In a since deleted post to Reddit's AITA, a man revealed how excited he and his wife were for the arrival of their first child. He stressed that he is “a loving and supportive husband,” and listed all the things that he has done for his wife, from taking her to doctor appointments to just trying to be the best partner for her.

Things took a turn, however, when he explained that, during his recent birthday celebration, he noticed that his wife wasn’t in high spirits. So, when he went to grab himself a beer, he decided to grab a low alcohol option for his wife, too.

She refused the beer, but he kept insisting. Eventually, the wife left on her own in a taxi because she couldn't take him nagging her any longer.

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The most appalling part of this situation is that the man doesn’t understand why his wife was upset, even after she told him she was worried "about the alcohol harming the baby." His argument? "I think one or two beers wouldn’t hurt." And, even if that's true, that's not the issue.

Simply put, he should have respected her decision whether he agreed or not. That's what being a supportive partner is all about.

The wife was perfectly justified in choosing to avoid alcohol during her pregnancy.

Pregnant women get a list of things to avoid doing or eating before their baby is born, from changing the litter box due to toxoplasmosis to not being able to eat certain types of fish due to mercury content.

There are, however, some misconceptions about what women can and can’t do while pregnant. For example, some people believe exercising while pregnant is dangerous. Unless told otherwise by their doctor, exercising is perfectly safe and can help improve the expectant parent's ability to cope with labor.

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Another misconception is that drinking a little bit of alcohol will have no impact on pregnancy, even if the beverage contains a small amount of alcohol.

The truth of the matter is that there is no magic number when it comes to safe alcohol content and pregnancy. The consumption of alcohol while pregnant can lead to the baby developing what is called FASD or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder, which impacts the development of the child. 

There is a lot of stigma surrounding alcohol use during pregnancy, so it’s important that we don’t express judgment but instead educate others.

Pregnancy can put stress on romantic relationships.

It’s interesting how a joyous event like the birth of a first child can also be the catalyst for relationship stress. Pregnancy can bring on a host of problems for new and expecting parents who are learning to adjust to the life changes about to come with a baby.

This man failed to respect his wife's boundaries and showed a lack of support in her stance on not drinking alcohol, which could indicate he hasn't fully processed all the changes to come.

Hopefully, reaching out to the online community and telling his story is a first step in understanding his behavior. Who knows, he might just become a better father for it.

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