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Pregnant Woman Working Two Jobs Receives A Generous Gift From A Complete Stranger That Changes Her Life

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Tami Forbes, Marcus Lemonis

A mom-to-be who was working multiple jobs just to keep herself afloat was shocked after receiving a life-changing surprise from a complete stranger.

Social entrepreneur and host of CNBC show 'The Profit' Marcus Lemonis traveled to Key West, Florida in 2015 intending to help a pie business, but ended up being moved by the company's store manager, Tami Forbes, and her story.

Tami Forbes was working two jobs while pregnant and only making $300 a week.

Marcus Lemonis, who travels to different failing companies and invests his own money to help them on his show 'The Profit,' traveled to the Key West Lime Pie Company in 2015 to do the same there for their business. It was during his visit, which was filmed for an episode of the show, that he met Tami Forbes, a pregnant, single, and working mother.

Forbes had been working as the pie company's store manager for quite some time, but on top of that, was also working as a bartender during the night to supplement her single-income lifestyle after divorcing her ex-husband.

Unfortunately, Forbes was only earning $300 a week at both jobs and between struggling to pay her bills, she was also told by her doctors that she would have to deliver her baby via cesarean section, which concerned Forbes given how expensive the medical bills would be and the fact that she was uninsured.

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“Trying to rebuild a life on a single income in this town was incredibly difficult. I was very frequently picking which bill I could pay,” Forbes told CNBC. 

After hearing Forbes' story, Lemonis provided her with an opportunity to earn more money to support herself and her child.

During Forbes' episode on 'The Profit,' Lemonis met with the struggling mom-to-be and after hearing her story, was genuinely moved by her work ethic and dedication to providing a stable life for both her and her unborn child despite all of the obstacles in her way.

"That first month of your child’s life is so important to have not only with your child but with your spouse or co-parent,” Forbes told Lemonis, referring to the lack of adequate maternity leave in the United States, which she explained had been a worry for her.

“That idea that your family comes first should be more of a mindset in corporations and in small businesses and that’s something that I feel has been lost.”

According to the Pew Research Center, the U.S. is the only country among 41 nations that does not mandate any paid leave for new parents. In an academic study published in April 2021, around 82% of Americans support access to paid parental leave.

Not only was Lemonis in agreement with Forbes' concern about the lack of maternity leave in this country, but along with investing in the Key West Lime Pie Company, he also offered Forbes financial support to help with her maternity leave. On top of that, he also increased her salary and appointed her to a full-time position a the pie company when she came back after giving birth.

"This is more important than any pie you have to make," Lemonis told her, pointing to her belly as she immediately began to cry, the two of them sharing a big hug. 

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The heartwarming gesture didn't stop there, and a year later, Lemonis gifted Forbes a 25% stake in Key West Lime Pie.

"When the show came to town, and I was put on it, I was working two jobs. I was humongously pregnant and suffering both health concerns and horrible financial concerns,” Forbes said. “When Marcus came to me and said, ‘What are you going to do?’ I smiled and said, ‘Whatever I have to.’”

It is all too common to hear stories of individuals struggling to make ends meet.

This is especially true for those who are pregnant or people who are single parents. Forbes' story sheds light on the harsh realities many people face daily, especially in a society where paid parental leave is not guaranteed. Lemonis' empathy toward Forbes wasn't just a fleeting moment of generosity but something that evidently changed her life forever and allowed her to land back on her feet.

Since then, Forbes has used this inspiring gesture from Lemonis to share messages and motivational words with other young women who aspire to be entrepreneurs

"Your business may succeed. And it may fail,” Forbes insisted. ”But your family is your one thing that’s never going anywhere.”

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