Mom Faces Backlash For Asking Why Babysitters Charge $100 For A Full Day— 'It Should Only Be $50 For 8 Hours'

The mom of four is getting called out for not believing babysitters should be paid fairly for their labor.

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A mom of four named Kourtnie Woods, who states in her TikTok bio that she uses the platform for “rants, mom stuff, and whatever else,” recently posted a video in which she questioned the amount of money she was expected to pay for one-on-one childcare.

The mom faced backlash after asking why babysitters charge $100 for a full day, claiming, ‘It should only be $50 for 8 hours.’

“Since when are babysitters charging $100 a day?” Woods asked. “One kid, 8 hours a day for $100.” 


“And don’t get me started on the whole, ‘You should pay your childcare workers more because you’re trusting them with your kids.’ I pay my daycare plenty. [I’m] talking about a back-up sitter for when I need one,” she said in her TikTok video.



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“Maybe [it’s] a convenience thing, I don’t know,” Woods continued. “But where I’m from, you pay $50 and that’s, like, on the high end. Boy, let me tell you, I’m about to quit and become a babysitter.”

Woods’ claim that paying a babysitter $100 a day is an unreasonably high amount shows that she doesn’t quite understand the current economy.

According to the US Department of Labor, federal minimum wage has been set at $7.25 an hour since 2009. According to Woods’ accounting techniques, paying someone $100 for 8 hours of labor comes out to $12.50 an hour. Paying a person $50 for 8 hours of labor comes out to $6.25 an hour. Woods apparently believes that babysitters should be paid a dollar less than minimum wage.

mom faces backlash after asking why babysitters make $100 a dayPhoto: William Fortunato / Pexels


People in the comments section of Woods’ post were quick to point out how low her estimation of childcare wages actually was.

“I’ve never gotten paid less than $20 an hour,” one person said. “I come with qualifications and skills.” Someone else asked Woods, “Is the question, ‘since when do I have to pay fairly for a service?’ Because the answer is, ideally always.”

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Woods came back to TikTok to offer an explanation that attempted to justify her thinking in her original post. In her follow-up video, she responded to a comment from someone who clarified how much private childcare costs.




Ava Chinnock replied to Woods’ original video, stating, “I charge $15-$20 an hour! Typically, daycares are a lot cheaper but nannies and babysitters are more expensive.”

Woods said, “First, I want to say thank you for responding in a very respectful way. And second, I just want to say, this is the mix-up here, because I’ve always thought that daycares were the privilege, and more people use in-home babysitters and they were a cheaper way to go. To my understanding, that’s what it’s always been. I thought that daycares were the privilege because not a lot of people get to use daycares.” 

“I had it backwards,” she stated. “That’s it. My apologies. No offense to anybody that babysits or nannies. I did not mean to offend you guys.”


mom faces backlash after asking why babysitters make $100 a dayPhoto: MART PRODUCTION / Pexels

Woods' initial statement made the claim that babysitters only deserve to make $50 an hour for a full day of difficult work. It’s possible that her misguided belief stems from an actual lack of understanding.


Yet for her to declare that belief on a public platform showcases that she’s essentially devaluing the labor and commitment involved in providing childcare.

It’s a well-established fact that childcare costs in the United States are astronomically high and that many families struggle to afford care for their kids. For a parent to use their online platform to openly acknowledge how hard it is to raise children, while simultaneously expressing outrage at paying a fair wage for child-rearing labor, is a very particular kind of out-of-touch behavior.

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